Too bad the effects of worrying weren’t as profitable as the age old “Location Location Location!”

I remember when my marriage was falling apart but I clung to it for several months longer than I should.  It could easily be considered embarrassing but at the time I did a lot of reading.  I googled articles for months, maybe a year.  Reading up on anything from “How to know when to call it quits” to “Divorce with special needs child” to “Divorcing with children.”  A lot of my reading was geared towards women, mothers who were facing divorce.

I realized I was not alone.  Marriages, as we know, end in divorce more than 50% of the time.  If you factor in marriages that include a special needs and/or terminally ill child, that percentage increases dramatically.

One of the biggest reasons why women, specifically, hold onto their marriage is fear of financial security.

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