It has been my goal for many years to be able to be successful while maintaining the ability to be mobile as much as possible.  I had 4 young children, my oldest was diagnosed with a progressive, terminal brain disease.  I was one of those few, true candidates for a mobile office.  Not knowing if I was going to a hospital or if my child had a seizure at school.  I have literally been ready at any minute to drop everything and run.  Now that my daughter has died I still like the flexibility of bringing my work with me.  Why can’t I work from a tent in the middle of the Rocky Mountains? (Generally speaking the internet doesn’t live in the Mouintains but that is another post for another day).

I have been really excited about testing the limits in having a mobile office, especially since I have a lot of extra time on my hands with my daughter being gone.  I am a bit of a wanderlust and I love traveling! I have always felt that working on websites and digital marketing is the perfect job and I have had a ridiculous amount of people tell me how lucky I am to work on websites because I can work from nearly anywhere.  Built in 4g LTE, built in wireless capabilities.  With the iPad 12.9″ Professional I have a really good sized screen for text editing and even some graphic design work for social media marketing.  I’ve been playing around with different apps to find what works best and how to best upload and transfer files from email to WordPress websites.  There are a lot of tricks I have learned and plan to write about to help other people who want to be successful and travel.

At my leisure I choose to work from a Dell Desktop (i7)with a 60″ screen, a 23″ Lenovo All in One (i5), a 15.6″ Toshiba (i7), 2 iPad minis, an iPad 3rd Gen or one of the new iPad Professionals that I like to call “monster.” There is also a pretty nifty iMac that I hop on from time to time. I’ve tried tethering my laptop to my phone and am now trying to get a substantial amount of my work done from this giant iPad.

Monster the iPad has a 12.9″ screen and I am using wifi and LTE from Verizon. 

I love him and have been able to work out some of the kinks between IOS, Apps and Website work.

I am really disappointed in one very crucial piece of this iPad’s design.  Simply put: the battery is shit.

I bought him brand new and the battery lasts only a couple of hours when I am working.  I have Bluetooth off, I am directly connected to wifi that stays UP, so Monster isn’t constantly searching for internet. The screen brightness is turned about 2/3 of the way up and I am not using this device to play music.  Apple claims that I should be able to get 10 hours out of the battery but I have been able to get 1/3 of that, at most.

I am definitely someone who force closes apps I am not using and even after looking at the battery life as I was instructed by a few tutorials, my battery still dies a lot.

Maybe I am expecting too much?  Being able to fly from Denver to Boston without having to charge would be a dream come true!

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