How many days has the tooth saga been going on? I went to the dentist yesterday and she gave me this clove (?) like treament. Essentially flushed the “socket” out with saline and stuffed the socket full of this stuff. I didn’t really feel that much relief.

Today I am still in a lot of pain so I am going back this afternoon. I really feel good about the dentist, I think I am just having a rough patch of bad luck in the dental department.

Took Rachel to dance this morning. Actually, I took everyone. I dragged everyone’s ass (big and little) out of the house and spent the morning chasing down tan tap shoes. I went to the only place I knew of in Hanover but found that they weren’t open. The dance studio next door was really great and cracked open the phone book and gave me the name of a dance wear shop in Sciuate. I called them to find out they open at 930 and I immediately hauled the van (family and all) into the depths of scituate.

SCORE! They had them. $22.00 – about $9 less than Rachel’s dance school wanted for them (woohoo). We wound up being 15 minutes late to dance, but she was prepared. I hate that I dropped the ball with her shoes but there was little I could do with all of the mouth pain I have been having, her tap shoes weren’t such a huge priority.

Dance is expensive. I’m not poor, but I really don’t think I am “rich” enough to keep up with dance. The leotard, skirt, tights, ballet shoes and tap shoes, plus the course run me well over $225 for the semsester. I owe another $140 in a couple of months, and another $140 in the spring. If we have a ton of kids, dance is something that definitely won’t be in the cards. If she reallllly likes dance, I will stick her to it (no matter what)… but if she isn’t in love with it, I am going to give swimming (and diving?) a chance.

She is also enrolled in soccer on Saturday afternoons (I am heading there after the dentist). I really want her to stick with soccer. Being part of an athletic team from a young age will give her a very competitive advantage. The three sports I am going to start her out in young are dance, soccer, swim and possibly martial arts. I think martial art training really helps to form a disciplined child (with the parents involvement, of course).

Lot’s of water to go under the bridge before any decisions are made (by Rachel, of course). It will be interesting to see what activities interest her and what she wants to stick with. My baby is growing up and I couldn’t be happier. Lot’s of parents are sad when their children start to branch out a bit. If Rachel *wasn’t* branching out, I would be worried. She is such a cool kid.

We are meant to go to the Big E tomorrow with some girls from Mommaville. I’m pretty sure we are going, and I am pretty sure that John can’t go. We’ll see.

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