Alright, these road trip plans are coming together and we’ve added some new items to the bucket list. We are traveling from Boston MA through Colorado Springs CO to Eureka CA to Seattle WA and back to Boston via Bloomington, MN and Niagra Falls (NY). Take a look at our bucket list and let me know if you can think of any MUST SEE/TOUCH along our route.

This might be Rachel’s last BIG road trip so I really want to make it special. Batten Disease is slowly stealing my girl and I’m not about to have her miss out.

John will be flying out on the morning of July 4th to meet us in Seattle to enjoy a few days with my xhusband and his family (Rachel’s twin sisters) and then we’ll head back.

I’ve also found someone to do the minivan lettering (thank you Kerri @ Mayo Designs) “Batten Disease Road Trip for a Cure” and reference this website to try and get the full $7206 for Batten Disease research ($1 per mile).

If you can donate please click the link on the right that says “donate” or you can mail a check to: Team Rachel, 35 N Street, Hull MA 02045. You can also bring donations to The Good Geeks @ 667 Nantasket Avenue in Hull.

Thank you! <3

We leave in a month!
Help Needed!


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