Butterfly Pavillion

10620616_1491823717748883_927303974820097634_n (1)Yesterday, aka Field Trip day, we went to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. It cost $29 for 1 adult and 3 children for admission, a fact that I will include in my blog entries about our field trips. Its important to know how much things cost, right?

We had a good time, mostly. London wasn’t entirely thrilled with all of the noise when the school bus of kids arrived, but such is life.

We learned about Rainforests and how they produce so much of our food. We got to watch a colony of bees fly in and out (and are tracked how often they enter). It was amazing to see the bees that were leaving get the bottom of the plastic tunnel, the priority spot and the bees that were coming back in did everything they could to stay at the top.

We got to hold Rosie the tarantula. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to because like most people, spiders freak me out. I held her twice and Julie and Boston held her a lot. London wanted to hold her, but didn’t (maybe next time).

They had a small touch tank and we got to “pet” 2 different starfish that definitely didn’t come from the northeastern part of the atlantic ocean. In the second touch tank were horseshoe and hermit crabs. I’ve been pinched by the hermit crab when living in New England, I left that one alone.

The Pavillion itself was an indoor yet very much outdoor simulated rainforest holding butterflies of all shapes and sizes. There was a wall, inside a case, that had multiple chrysalis held up by a tiny glue dot and you can literally watch butterflies hatch. Once they hatch and are ready to fly, the new butterflies are released inside.

The place was super cool. They also had a maze with a scavenger hunt which we all took turns with finding the different butterflies and spiders.









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