1972 airstream sovereign

We have a big day today. The kids are going to meet the teachers and other students attending their virtual academy tonight. Rachel is going to the Carnation Festival with Megans’s Place and will have a dinner and shower with them before she comes home. While Rachel is having respite from us (lol) we are driving to Boulder and having a BBQ dinner with our extended family in Northern Colorado.
This weekend I am hauling the kids out to Salt Lake City to spend time with our Uncles and Aunts from Utah and Washington state who we have only had the honor to meet once.

The kids start their new virtual school on Monday, Rachel has her open house Monday afternoon and she starts Tuesday. The giant school District has agreed to bus her directly to Megan’s Place twice a week and bring her home the other 3 days.

The airstream life is awesome. Maybe crazy sounding to most but for the 5 of us, for now, this is home. <3

Airstream ramp
Rachel needs a wheelchair van


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