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So new york has been having bad weather the last few days some people died we recovered 5 of the bodys but for sure there are more. now heres my guide of how to stay safe. #1 Get lots of food. #2 Dont go out side at all until the storm is over. #3 Stay hydrated. #4 Dont  freeze to death dont call for help they will die. #5 Dont open the doors at all. Thats my guide of staying safe here are the way the people died. car accident, heart attacks from shoveling snow and getting caught in the snow and dying that is the end of my blog.

Winter is here in Colorado

Its been really cold in Colorado for the last few days it started Monday the 11 November 2014. My Granny was coming from Boston and it was Zero visibility and Zero degrees it was hard for my mom aka creator of this web site to drive there was alot of accidents on the way to to the airport we found 75 UPS TRUCKS!!!!! The next day was Veterans day and the snow was still falling the temperature was 11 degrees at the highest point of the day. On the day granny came we had a chicken dinner. Today it is Thursday and it is very cold but my mother took us to Savers and we got a lot of good stuff. The best thing in my opinion is a VCR player we bought. Tonight is still very cold and icy.

Lately the weather has been cold. The first day it barely snowed then it started snowing more. The second day it was a little worse but mom was nervous about how cold the weather forecast said it would be during the night so she put the rabbits and chickens in the shed. Today, the fourth day, she let them back in the coop. When she was moving them, she found my chicken very lethargic so I tried to help save my chicken but she still died in my arms. I was very sad but mom bought me a white Americauna with a cool looking face. When she died I screamed then burst into tears.   The chicken that died was London’s chicken named road runner and I had chosen the name.