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This year we are doing Halloween different from last year. this year we have Yoda and a ghost with witch hat in our front yard and we also have A spiderweb with fake spiders, skeleton on front door, 2 fake pumpkins and a some graves. the thing that mostly changed the places we will be going. We are first going to Wheat ridge High school which is today then we are going to a thing called Trunk or treat then Go to halloween party then Finally we will be going Trick or treating. Boston is a villain from star wars, Moms a Doctor that a zombie and with an exposed brain, i’m  going as Captain America again, Julie is a regular zombie, and Rachel will be a vampire. The coolest thing is that target is holding a halloween event and it is really cool. I hope everyone will have a good Halloween.

I love Halloween when it comes to Holiday or celebrations I turn 4 years old  but something about Halloween over excites me. I love the pumpkin guts and there smell. Apple pie taste so good that when it is out I’m targeted to it. I love dressing up and trick or treating. For Halloween I would like to be Mavis  from hotel transylvania. Have fun ble bleh