Tag: Thanksgiving

This year thanksgiving was at Jamie’s house and we had a good time. Before we went to  Jamie’s house we did a 3 mile walk or jog with Chad,Bethany, and Brook and it was really fun because we went to the park and we had to walk back which I walked back by myself and a little with Boston and I was in 1st place and Boston was in 2nd place. Then we went to Jamie’s House and I talked with Chad and I got a cool app for Call of duty :Ghost to customize my guys But I am can only customize the things that I bought with my Squad points. The food was great and I had a Orange Crush with my food. We had a awsome time and I hope you all enjoy this blog.

For Thanksgiving we had a great time at the Schnelker household who graciously offered their home for Thanksgiving:

I am thankful for my wonderful family.  First, I’m thankful for my caring family because they care of me.  When I get off the bus my Mom is there.  Then, I’m thankful for my great family because my family help not to get sick.  My Dad buys us fruits.  Next, I’m thankful for my busy family because they pay for our home.  Finally, I’m thankful for my unique family because we all have different totems. I have an owl.

Thanksgiving should be renamed: “Key Lime Pie Day.” Today was a good day. Good food made by my Mom and awesome desserts made by my other half. Rachel had a good day today, she has been “entertaining” my cousin and his wife who are here from England. I spent 10 minutes watching her watch TV before bedtime tonight and was humbled by how much she overcomes on a daily basis and how truly little (very little) Rachel complains. Life is so humbling if you stop and look around for a minute. Love my kids. Love Key Lime pie. Anyone else out there love a good key lime pie? 🙂