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Sadly, her son passed away last year but that doesn’t stop us Batten Families from sticking together. Thank you to Cheri who treated us to lunch this week! <3

I took Rachel to her second appointment with her Pediatric Rheumatologist and he confirmed that she does have Lupus, also known as Systemic Lupus Erthymisomethingerother. How does a beautiful and innocent kid end up getting an early death sentence and Lupus? It’s total bullshit and rather than be angry this fine evening I would like to pose a question to those folks that still read my infrequently updated blog. What do you live for? Last year I spent many weeks living to cross off items on the bucket list, taking my kids to multiple states and experiencing all sorts of awesome things. Already this year I have driven my kids down to Florida and back and watched the miracle of Rachel and London learn how to swim. I have personally been living to make sure Rachel, Julie, London and Boston get to experience countless amazing days while Rachel can. This year I want to continue this mission but maybe travel a little less (my new Jeep is not so good with gas mileage). Planning on sharpening our camping skills, maybe get a little sailboat. I’m looking for more adventuring ideas, things to enjoy, experience, to LIVE for. So… What do(read the rest)

This is a repost from Rachel’s Mom’s blog @ www.mrskatvon.com Title: 847pm When you get a call at nearly 9pm from the head of Neurology you have to kind of figure that it is going to be bad news.  Dr Darras called this evening to let me know that Rachel’s Juvenile Batten Disease test came back positive with the standard DNA presentation. For those who are new to the road I have been traveling with Rachel, Batten Disease is 100% fatal.  There is no cure, no real treatment… from what I have read up on it within the last few weeks all they can do is treat the symptoms.  I will leave you to google “Juvenile Batten Disease” because while I am ok right now  (I was pretty sure that she had something neuro-degenerative) I will not let myself think of the future right now. And to anyone who reads this please take heart in the fact that you can’t say the wrong thing to me.  I’d much rather you stick your foot into your mouth than ignore me because you couldn’t come up with the right words. The next step:  MRI on Thursday which will give us a good(read the rest)