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Love these kids, they love the water and swimming so much! <3

Weird conversations come up in my family and today was more of the same. While we were swimming our pool me and the kids were talking about “where we want to be buried.” I feel very strongly about cremation and the kids know that being buried means where we want our ashes spread. Here is the list of where: Me: Scatter me on Pikes Peak as high up as you can go without throwing up lol Rachel: Granny’s House or London, England Julie: Orlando, FL London: California Boston: Boston (Boston Harbor), MA All of them felt that Bermuda was a good back-up location. Gosh this blog has been unloved. I can fix that for you, Ben. Happy Last Day of School kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I scooped John and the kids up and took them to Maine for the weekend. We had a great time although I had promised to tray and do some sledding or snow tubing. We met a family of chickens and a herd of alpacas, went swimming and hot tubbing and took the kiddos into a sauna for the first time. We even brought home 3 dozen farm fresh eggs which have already begun the transformation into baked goods. 🙂 Here are some of the pictures which I will directly share from facebook (you don’t need a facebook account to see ’em). http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=374918&id=266424125552 We had THE BEST time! Here is my favorite picture of Rachel from the weekend. Just goes to show that you don’t have to see well to have a fun and full life. Experiences like this are more valuable to Rachel than to a sighted child because of her tactile senses. I think I think I did a sufficient job at flipping Batten Disease off this weekend. Tomorrow morning we’re going ice skating for an hour. Can’t wait! Gotta get them into a swimming pool more often. They love the water (just like their Momma) and love the(read the rest)