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santa selfie

Rachel’s respite facility, Megan’s Place, had a family appreciation party over the weekend.  I had a calorie free cookie, got slobbered on by my favorite Rachel and jumped at the chance to be 6 again and have my picture taken with Santa.  Life is too short to miss out on a Santa Selfie.  <3

This past weekend I brought the 4 kids plus their father who just drove out here from Boston to the Breakfast with Santa put on by Rachel’s Special needs school (Fletcher Miller in Lakewood, Colorado). It was a great time, huge value for the money and a nice, inclusive environment for kids with special needs and their families. Here are some pictures I took of my kiddos and a few of people that love Rachel (Hi Kristin and Becca).  

It’s a big deal to me to keep the Christmas spirit alive in a houseful of 4 children who are dealing with their parents being separated for the first holiday season.  I’ve tried to take great care in making sure things are as normal as possible and on schedule as usual to help ease them into the transition.  Today I had them write their letters to Santa and here is what we came up with: Rachel’s list (yes, my handwriting isn’t so great). Julie (love #3) London (cellphone, nerf rifle and movie tickets) lol Boston (who shocked me at having the lowest priced items on his list)

Gosh this has been a busy couple of UNEVENTFUL weeks! Just the way I want it! We had THE REAL Santa and his Elves pay a visit to our house on Friday night, complete with presents for the kids, the cats and Holly (our dog). The kids were SO excited! This week is a short week at school and on Wednesday they are having “Polar Express” day and I’ll be going in to help out with that. Today at 12:30 a blind man is coming into Rachel’s special ed class to talk about being blind but Rachel gets out of school everyday at 11:15 so I’ll be bringing her home for lunch then taking her back in. I hope I get to stay and listen to him speak. I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season. I have plenty of pictures to post and will get around to doing that this week before Christmas. Now tell me, what are your family plans this week? My children and I LOVE this time of year! If you quickly type out your traditions I’ll read them to my kiddos and maybe we’ll adopt some of your traditions. Thank you!!