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Hello folks. I just wanted to officially announce on Rachel’s website that we won’t be holding the race this year. Between Rachel’s worsening condition and our family dynamic changing I just don’t have the energy or time to invest in the race this year. My number one priority in life is to make sure all 4 of my children are taken care of to my best ability. I know lots of people are bummed about this but in my heart I know its the right thing to do. xoxoxo – Kat

Rachel had another grand Mal on friday night, this one was while we were at a carnival sitting in the very top of the zipper. We were tipping back and forth as they were loading people into each car waiting for the ride to start and she starts convulsing. John was on another ride with Julie, London and Boston on the other side of carnival. I got Rachel away from the cage so she wouldn’t bang her head and started yelling down to the short line “Stop the ride, stop the ride, my daughter is having a seizure.”. Not sure if the ride attendants understood me but someone got them to stop and bring our cage back to the ground so I could get out with her as she was still seizing. When we got down I looked at the most capable teenagers to go to John (good thing he was wearing a lot of lime green and is really tall so is easy to recognize) and he came running. She went home with John and I stayed with Julie and the boys and after my adrenaline stopped pumping we finished out the night on a good note. It is(read the rest)