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Today the installation of MySQL on one of my biggest servers decided to die (it was post upgrade) and multiple phone calls, emails and texts followed.  My customers are always great, I am really lucky.  I worked my butt off to get it fixed and even with patient customers, a server issue always presents itself in a very stressful manner since so many people rely on technology working.  Working NOW.  NOW!!!  Always working.  Luckily server issues are rare. This is my best friend.  Her name is Meredith but we mostly call her “Ninja.”  Yes, my son’s dog was named after her (it was her idea, who am I kidding).  It’s nice to have a friend who calls and calls you back 3 times throughout the aforementioned rough day to make sure you aren’t ready to jump off a bridge.  I’ve known her for 10 years but we were on a break (ha, a “Friends” reference) after we were mutually insensitive to each other while we were going through really hard times.  Our fight (which wasn’t really a fight because I hate confrontation and avoided her like the plague) is something that I will forever regret.  I’m grateful to have her(read the rest)