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Today we went to the Museum of Nature and Science and we had a great time and we became members there.We saw an camel and T-Rex at the entrance when we became members.  We also first watched a movie called “We Are Aliens” which was cool. And then we looked at the space exhibit and we learned that some places get less sun than others in months and how a star is born then there death. After that we looked at some Mummies. They had a rich one with lots a amulets and gold , a poor one that had its brains still and livers which were supposed to be removed, and they also had animals which had only some bones and there skull broken or missing. And we saw why they made mummies: because they believed people could come back and have an afterlife. We also saw a whale exhibit which we got to be in a real life size grey whale heart which is big and we could go in it. There was a board of whales and dolphins and we got to feel some whale bones. Then we got to do some things like make your own whale and try(read the rest)

Today was science day at are home school thing.  We watched cosmos to we also watched ‘We Are Aliens’. At Denver museum we also went to the Egyptian exhibit. We also went to the whale exzhibit and we went to the animal exhibit. I lost my cape i got PVZ one.  my mom let me get a Lunchable cause i did not eat for hours which is not normal. I usely eat alot .we joined for a year YAY i had so much fun i played with my friend Rory for an hour we played call of duty ghosts. Then he had to leave. That is the end of my blog bye.