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They aren’t really triplets but so close in age that I started calling them that, especially after Rachel was diagnosed. It was easier than saying 1, 2, 3 and 4 because I knew at some point “Thing 1,” Rachel wouldn’t be here. And here we are. This is a picture of the kids taken by a photographer at their Homeschool Enrichment Program. I purchased the rights to share this picture on social media and make prints but I think she deserves credit. ūüôā Elizabeth Osberg Photography

Rachel Vontungeln 15

I haven’t blogged in forever and I owe myself an apology. ¬†I need this blog. ¬†For posterity’s sake (my memory is shot) and to get my feelings out. ¬†Feelings. I sound like such a bitch. ¬†Feelings. FML. I texted my landlord in December to see if she had any larger homes for rent and within a few weeks I was starting to move my kids and all of our crap to a new home in Northeast Denver.

My new friend, Julie, has a daughter with Autism and is involved with the Autism Society of Colorado. ¬†Today was the WALK with Autism and I took the kids for the 2.5 mile walk around Sloan’s Lake. ¬†We had a great, fun time.

Julie's first white chicken egg.

When we moved into our house (it’s a rental) it was made very clear to me by my daughter that she wanted to raise chickens for fresh eggs! ¬†Our awesome landlord, Paula, was kind enough to give us permission to keep a small flock in our backyard as it is legal in our city of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. ¬†You are apparently allowed hens (no roosters) and our city even permits one goat.

My 9 pound, 3oz screaming bag of bones has turned into a beautiful, tall and thoughtful young lady. ¬†I’m old!!! ¬†She’s beautiful and I love her to death. ¬†My brother had us over to his house while we were in Boston to celebrate her day. ¬†My friend’s children made her a couple of cakes…. they turned out great!¬†

Not the best pictures (too many pictures to edit!!!!) but they’ll do! <3 ¬†Thank you so much to Sue for having us over yet again, being super generous and awesome and drinking margaritas with me at 10am. ¬†<3

Today Julie taught A tip that is really awesome.She taught me to Listen to a audio book when doing your work. I really like it and i will tell you why. I like it because it get work done faster and you can use YouTube for a full version and you can Check the time easily. You can pick a good book like I am listening to Matilda by Roald Dahl. Its the best to use Headphones or Bluetooth .So end of blog I hope you enjoy this blog and the next one and also please tell me more tips.

I take care of the animals that me and my Mom own. Mom buys what they need and she bought all of them for me. So far she bought 5 Silkie Chicks, 3 Bunnies and  7 chickens She was only supposed to buy 5 but unfortunately 2 died . I am still sad. And I take care of them. I let the chickens roam in the morning for about 30 minutes. Every Sunday me and my mom clean the animals homes one by one. One of our bunnies, a Jersey Woolly,  is pregnant, her name is Maggie. When we clean one of the bunnies cage we let them roam in our backyard. I love the animals. This is Mittens the indoor cat.

Lately the weather has been cold. The first day it barely snowed then it started snowing more. The second¬†day it was a little worse but mom was nervous about how cold the weather forecast said it would be during the night so she put the rabbits and chickens in the shed. Today, the fourth¬†day, she let them back in the coop. When she was moving them, she found my chicken very lethargic so¬†I tried to help save my chicken¬†but she still died in my arms. I was very sad but¬†mom bought me a white Americauna with a cool looking face. When she died I screamed then burst into tears. ¬† The chicken that died¬†was London‚Äôs chicken named road runner and I had chosen the name.  

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