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I am looking to take on a few new customers.  Any projects from small website redesigns, website updates to full, new e-commerce sites.  I prefer to work with WordPress but am familiar with multiple platforms. Looking for help with social media? I’m your person. Have a non profit and want to get a $10,000 Google Adwords grant each month? Give me a shout. $10,000 a month in free advertising equates to about $329 per day for non-profits. Is your website set-up for Google Chrome’s new SSL rules?  I can get your site set-up with awesome hosting, SSL certificate and have it be used on all pages.  Gotta get with 2017. CONTACT ME or email me at kat@katwasabi.com

It has been over 2 weeks since I stopped letting technology babysit my family.  2 weeks since the Internet stopped intercepting imagination and 2 weeks since television stopped rotting the brain of my kids.  The first week was rough.  Like, “what the hell did I do, check these kids into rehab” bad.

kat wasabi

On January 6th I assessed my social media numbers, as a freelancer, not for Geek Media.  After 3 months without any real effort on my part (I’ve been busy with other things / little people / life) I have taken a look at my social media following.  Within the next 3 months I plan to make a targeted effort into increasing my connections and focus on blogging more industry related stuff.

Social Media is one aspect of internet strategizing that cannot be ignored. SEO, Content, PPC are all important aspects of driving traffic to your site and making sales but to ignore social media is a giant mistake.