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Another beautiful day in Colorado filled with a park, swimming at the Rec Center and cheering on Heather and Chris who rode the Colorado Bike MS 150 to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  The kids were thrilled when cow bells were brought out, well, every child but Rachel. She ended up with a sunburn which she is still healing from.

So I have this awesome friend who has this awesome husband (ok, he’s not awesome awesome – I’m just afraid of him after being trapped in a bathroom last April) and two cool sons. It is my goal this summer (or sooner) to get the Triplets out to Denver and have her son, Nick, take some portraits of my kids.  He does awesome work for a kid (he will always be a kid because I am too young to have friends with teenagers) and I wanted to share. Check out: Off Road Colorado Photography   Hopefully he will add some more of his work to his facebook page… 🙂

Today we met up with Heather, Nick and Sky (her boys) at the Omlette Parlour. Great food, even better company! Gotta love a place that serves up good, vegetarian omlettes! Check it out: http://www.co-spgs-omeletteparlor.com/ Picture: Heather and her son Nick