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This year we are doing Halloween different from last year. this year we have Yoda and a ghost with witch hat in our front yard and we also have A spiderweb with fake spiders, skeleton on front door, 2 fake pumpkins and a some graves. the thing that mostly changed the places we will be going. We are first going to Wheat ridge High school which is today then we are going to a thing called Trunk or treat then Go to halloween party then Finally we will be going Trick or treating. Boston is a villain from star wars, Moms a Doctor that a zombie and with an exposed brain, i’m  going as Captain America again, Julie is a regular zombie, and Rachel will be a vampire. The coolest thing is that target is holding a halloween event and it is really cool. I hope everyone will have a good Halloween.

The Wasabi clan finally pulled together some halloween attire.  I turned myself into a zombie doctor with the PPE that I was given to work with Rachel.  Julie became a kid zombie with a little make-up and

The kids are totally stoked with the Halloween decorations adorning the front yard in our little rented home.  It has been nearly a year since I broke my ankle.  A whole year of living in this house.  Another year of Batten Disease taking a stronger hold of my child.  A year of Julie getting taller and more mature.  A year of my boys fighting, getting better at video games and learning how to cook. I love this time of year.  Its bittersweet but still my favorite.

I love Halloween when it comes to Holiday or celebrations I turn 4 years old  but something about Halloween over excites me. I love the pumpkin guts and there smell. Apple pie taste so good that when it is out I’m targeted to it. I love dressing up and trick or treating. For Halloween I would like to be Mavis  from hotel transylvania. Have fun ble bleh

So today for a free writing / blog topic I asked my kids what they want to be for Halloween and why.

For Halloween I would like to be this. This is Willferd  the human dog. I want to be him for Halloween because my dad has the same costume. Willferd is a very funny character. And we might be together for Halloween and can take a selfie.    

Rachel’s rash from (presumably) Risperdal has been developing over the last few months and covers a good portion of her body.  Its not an angry rash, I would say it looks more like goosebumps that are red in a few places.  This medication has been good to get the ADD symptoms of Batten Disease under control and help make for a happier day for her and everyone… BUT… she has put on nearly 50 pounds since starting it.  At her age she was expected to gain some weight as puberty is around the corner but 50 pounds is crazy. I’ve been working on coming up with the next step for her medication (she, thankfully only takes Risperdal and Prozac) because this weight makes her uncomfortable.  I brought a list of possibilities to the Doctor 10 days ago and we agreed to start her on Lamictal which is an anti-convulsant medication that is the only medication certified by the FDA to treat Bipolar disorder (other than Lithium).  Apparently the “starter pack” of the medication is quite expensive and insurance is still taking its time… I find this endlessly frustrating and time consuming.  Making multiple phone calls to get a medication that(read the rest)