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Another installment of my life is below. Life is not always Facebook pretty. This morning: So picture me in yesterday’s yoga pants and tank top with plaid shirt over the top. I’m doing my morning chores, a little more relaxed because school is closed today due to the winter storm that is finishing up. While I’m making coffee, getting my 13 year old on the toilet to pee, drawing her bath, dishes, laundry, etc… I’m also reliving yesterday. Going through my head are the scenes from last night… And I step in dog poop in my new $10 flip flops from Santa. I promise that I let the dog live. I didn’t want to… Last night: The kids have been home for 2 weeks. I made a beautiful ham dinner that I call “thanksgiving” and it’s the same dinner I make every week to show gratitude weekly rather than yearly. Ham, gravy, peas, cranberry sauce, and special mashed potatoes. It’s pretty awesome and a favorite with my kids. I call my kids in to the kitchen so I can make them a plate because, like us grow ups, kids don’t all like the same exact combo. 1 hates gravy, 1(read the rest)

I’ve been running these kids hard, trying to see a ton of different places. Last night London had a late sandwich and passed out after about 3 bites. He is totally adorable, isn’t he? Only a few more days in Colorado (which we have packed with plans) then we head out west…. <3

My brother, the OLD one in Kansas City (ha ha) is a fantastic foodsmith. What is a foodsmith, you ask? It is someone who, in my opinion, can made a gourmet meal out of food scraps. While we were visiting him and his family a few weeks ago we got to try some of his fresh jam that was made out of his home grown strawberries. I’ve wanted to make jam ever since, and with a little help from my Mom (doing a Wal*Mart run) and my brother sharing his secrets, I was able to make my very own jam for John and the kids. I am amazed at how easy it was to make and how delicious it tasted. I never want to eat store jam again! Here is the finished product: