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I am interested in Animation,Warner Brothers, Marvel , DC Universe. and photography  Im interested in Animation cause when i grow up i want to make animations for my kids and i watch cartoons all the time and i really want to know what its like to make them I am also interested in photography cause i think it would be awesome to meet celebreritys also its basic so yeah. I am also a fan in marvel and dc movies and comics cause ive played the video games  and every body needs batman and ironman in there life i like this stuff cause my imagination is huge      

Green lantern is a DC character. the first actor was Alan Scott. He first appeared in All-America comics. His name is now Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan was created in 1959.  He has appeared in many video games and he was in one Lego movie that I know of. his famous enemy was Thaal Sinestro how made green lantern what he is now.  Green lantern ring can make a big hand, make things, and hold enormous buildings. This is from my brain and a little internet. I hope you like the blog 🙂