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This is the last couple of hours where my boys are technically both 8. Today is London’s 9th birthday and on September 30th Boston turned 8. A gift that I mentally decided to give the boys was being on my phone less. Facebook, while fun, is a huge distraction for me. My iPhone takes pictures, easily, but doesn’t provide me with the quality I’d like to archive long-term. I have a really nice camera which I splurged on but haven’t really used it. It is pretty stupid. I have 4 beautiful children and a gorgeous jeep. The season is autumn and the leaves are gorgeous. So this afternoon I handed the boys specific colored shirts to contrast with each other but also to celebrate the season. I like the fall, I think just about everyone I know would pick this as their favorite season. New England definitely has prettier foliage than Colorado but it is still beautiful here. I haven’t spent an Autumn in Colorado since 2005 when London was born at our home in Colorado Springs. Here are my “Irish Twins.” London is wearing a burnt orange waffle shirt and Boston is, well, Boston. Boston always needs a haircut(read the rest)

Today is like any other day.  Well, today is London’s 9th birthday and I let Rachel stay home today to hang out with all of us and simply relax.  I can’t believe my children are 14, 10, 9 and 8.  Seems like a happy day, which it is, but it is also a very sad day for me. This sadness I keep inside because my children don’t need to have a sad mother.    I have been avoiding this for a long time but today… Today I took delivery on Rachel’s hospital bed. She’s had a hospital bed at my Mom’s house and really quite enjoyed it.  Using the controllers to move her head and legs up and down. I don’t see this bed as a fun, good time.  I see this  bed as death coming closer to my door. I hate this disease. I hate this bed. Surreal to have a child’s stuffed animals on a hospital bed in OUR home.  I don’t like it. She is all happy because I made her ramen for lunch.  Ramen slides down her throat which has an epiglottis that likes to forget to close from time to time. Rachel listening to Disney(read the rest)

Butterfly Pavillion

Yesterday, aka Field Trip day, we went to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. It cost $29 for 1 adult and 3 children for admission, a fact that I will include in my blog entries about our field trips. Its important to know how much things cost, right? We had a good time, mostly. London wasn’t entirely thrilled with all of the noise when the school bus of kids arrived, but such is life. We learned about Rainforests and how they produce so much of our food. We got to watch a colony of bees fly in and out (and are tracked how often they enter). It was amazing to see the bees that were leaving get the bottom of the plastic tunnel, the priority spot and the bees that were coming back in did everything they could to stay at the top. We got to hold Rosie the tarantula. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to because like most people, spiders freak me out. I held her twice and Julie and Boston held her a lot. London wanted to hold her, but didn’t (maybe next time). They had a small touch tank and we got to “pet”(read the rest)

I just moved to Colorado from hull Massachusetts . These are some likes and dislikes. The first thing I like about Colorado is the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The only thing that I don’t like is I miss my three friends Kaleigh Chloe and Duncan. The next thing I like about Colorado is how the humidity doesn’t bother me anymore.

Today at her special needs school in Lakewood, Colorado, Rachel participated in bike day. Unable to see and barely able to walk with tremendous assistance, they brought adaptive bicycle equipment for her to enjoy. She has been on the patch for 2 days which will hopefully decrease her saliva production because her terrible choking cough has been getting worse as saliva creeps its way past her faulty epiglottis. She also had a grand mal seizure tonight at respite. Here are two pictures her principal emailed me tonight:

Thank you so much to all of the GoFundMe donations toward Rachel’s van. I found a van only a few minutes away with low mileage and a great price. I am still working on raising a bit more money to purchase a fold up hoyer lift. Meet Cartman:  

My cat named Mittens is missing!  I am so  upset  last night she left and I have been looking for her.  If  you live in Westminster, Colorado you might see her. This is how she looks: Mittens is mostly black and very  fluffy  with yellowish / greenish eyes. She has  1 extra claw on each  paw. If you see her please do the following:                     1. Catch her she is friendly 2. Call 303-870-3434  

Aside from a lot of driving near the edge of a mountain (which terrifies me) we had a great day at Spring Creek. The trail is rated a 6-8 and with some good spotting, Wasabi made it through nicely.

Rachel was supposed to come to the gun range with me back in Boston several months ago, but the day I had planned to take her she had a seizure. Yesterday we went up to Spring Creek which is just outside of Idaho Springs in Colorado. With the help of multiple, legal gun owners, Rachel was given the opportunity to handle an unloaded rifle and with assistance she was able to shoot it.

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