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Rachel's Birthday

Tomorrow would be Rachel’s 17th birthday if she were alive.  It is going to be a really hard day for me.  I’ve posted an event on facebook asking folks to do something special for her birthday.  Try veganism, eat a cake, donate to a food pantry or animal shelter.  Something.  Here is a link to the event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/116765288898308 I knew she was going to die but it never really sunk in until she did. Life is so short.

London and Boston, age 10.

It is definitely my favorite time of year, when both of my boys are the same age.  It lasts 10 days every year and I nearly forgot to take a picture of it.  Here are the boys, age 10…. <3

Boston Fenway turns 9

I love an overexposed photo. Boston is pretty rotten in the weeks (months!) leading up to his birthday.  It’s all he can talk about, think about.  Today was the big day and he had his best birthday ever!  His favorite present?  An emerald green fuzzy bath robe that was a replacement for a zip up robe that was a present from my best friend.  A present, a robe, that we named “Robie” and my children take turns stealing.  One less child to share with.

Time is a funny little concept that drives so much of our actions, interactions and stress.  I’ve signed onto my blog tonight to share a picture of my oldest daughter whose hourglass is running far too quickly.  I’m turning 37 on Monday and I can’t remember much of my life since getting my driver’s license over 20 years ago. I’ve done a lot in my 37 years.   I’ve made my parents proud and I’ve made them feel beyond disappointed.  Worse than that are the moments in my life I’ve made myself disappointed.  You relive them over and over and over. I never finished this blog entry that I wrote two years ago, almost to the day. My daughter’s hourglass ran out.  I’m still here, fighting to live every single day. Blog entry completed 8/23/17.

Almost a month ago I posted a request asking folks to send musical birthday cards for Rachel’s 15th birthday.  Our family has experienced the power of social media and the internet.  Last fall I posted a “Go Fund Me” seeking donations to help me purchase a wheelchair van as Batten Disease is taking Rachel’s ability to walk.  I was able to buy “Cartman” the low mileage wheelchair van at a very low price within a few weeks.  People are incredibly generous and kind.

Please send Rachel a musical birthday card for her 15th birthday

Rachel (on the right) is turning 15 on May 18th and I am asking my internet family to send her MUSICAL birthday cards. She is blind and terminally ill because of Juvenile Batten Disease. Rachel Vontungeln 4769 Dover Street Wheat Ridge, CO 80033. Please share and thank you.

My 9 pound, 3oz screaming bag of bones has turned into a beautiful, tall and thoughtful young lady.  I’m old!!!  She’s beautiful and I love her to death.  My brother had us over to his house while we were in Boston to celebrate her day.  My friend’s children made her a couple of cakes…. they turned out great! 

This is the last couple of hours where my boys are technically both 8. Today is London’s 9th birthday and on September 30th Boston turned 8. A gift that I mentally decided to give the boys was being on my phone less. Facebook, while fun, is a huge distraction for me. My iPhone takes pictures, easily, but doesn’t provide me with the quality I’d like to archive long-term. I have a really nice camera which I splurged on but haven’t really used it. It is pretty stupid. I have 4 beautiful children and a gorgeous jeep. The season is autumn and the leaves are gorgeous. So this afternoon I handed the boys specific colored shirts to contrast with each other but also to celebrate the season. I like the fall, I think just about everyone I know would pick this as their favorite season. New England definitely has prettier foliage than Colorado but it is still beautiful here. I haven’t spent an Autumn in Colorado since 2005 when London was born at our home in Colorado Springs. Here are my “Irish Twins.” London is wearing a burnt orange waffle shirt and Boston is, well, Boston. Boston always needs a haircut(read the rest)

Soon I am going to have my iPhone 6 because my mom promised one when I was little. Some people say it floats which I think is not true. People also say it makes a projector which I think might be true. Another person says it can go invisible which I know is 100% false (because there is no technology that can do it yet). I know it’s longer and faster than the older models and that the apple symbol is now stainless steel. They best part is that it can store more apps. The iPhone 6 has a new app called apple pay which I think my mom will love because you don’t have to carry cash or cards anymore (so throw the cards away lol). They also have a finger print scan to have security to get in your phone. There is also an iPhone 6+ which my mom is getting. I am very excited.

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