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This morning I signed up to cycle 150 miles for MS in Denver. I have been cycling on a bike trainer at home to start getting ready, getting in shape and setting a goal for myself. Goals are good. Good when you have a normal, healthy life and especially good when you’re faced with some challenges in life. Who doesn’t have challenges, right?

Today at her special needs school in Lakewood, Colorado, Rachel participated in bike day. Unable to see and barely able to walk with tremendous assistance, they brought adaptive bicycle equipment for her to enjoy. She has been on the patch for 2 days which will hopefully decrease her saliva production because her terrible choking cough has been getting worse as saliva creeps its way past her faulty epiglottis. She also had a grand mal seizure tonight at respite. Here are two pictures her principal emailed me tonight:

Another beautiful day in Colorado filled with a park, swimming at the Rec Center and cheering on Heather and Chris who rode the Colorado Bike MS 150 to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  The kids were thrilled when cow bells were brought out, well, every child but Rachel. She ended up with a sunburn which she is still healing from.