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She really enjoyed the long weekend visit with my Mom. I was sure that she was going to be nasty to me this week after my Mom left but I was pleasantly surprised (and wrong). Truthfully I think that is another sign of her cognitive loss. I knew the decline was coming, it is always coming and coming and coming. Her ability to walk is nearly non-existent but I was born to be somewhat of a “brick shithouse” so I have no problem maneuvering her. The order for a hoyer lift is in as well as a new air mattress and an inflatable bed bath for her hair.

Forgot to mention this on the blog (for the record) that Rachel suffered her first Grand Mal seizure on Sunday, February 6th 2011. It started off with her spinning our container of flour repeatedly after being asked to put it down (or it will spill) and she could not snap out of it. She slowly leaned back towards the kitchen counter and I grabbed her and laid her on the ground. She then started convulsing for about 2 minutes. No diastat was used. No 911. She woke up later on with a screaming headache and was irritable beyond belief. By the end of the day she was better (she slept most of the day away).