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Julie's first white chicken egg.

When we moved into our house (it’s a rental) it was made very clear to me by my daughter that she wanted to raise chickens for fresh eggs!  Our awesome landlord, Paula, was kind enough to give us permission to keep a small flock in our backyard as it is legal in our city of Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  You are apparently allowed hens (no roosters) and our city even permits one goat.

We are renting a house near Denver and I am looking into the rules associated with backyard, residential farming.  Before I ask our landlord for permission I am looking into what we can and cannot have. Here in Wheat Ridge, Colorado: “Small animals, especially  birds, can be a great addition to  your backyard garden. chickens, for example, can produce eggs as well as keep insect pests at bay if allowed to wander the garden beds periodically. You may keep small animals and poultry in the City of Wheat Ridge, but must follow certain guidelines.  Additionally, any structures necessary for the keeping of animals must comply with the zoning regulations in Section 26-606. The following are considered  small animals and poultry by the City of Wheat Ridge: • Aquarium fish • Domestic rabbit • Psitocine birds, aviary finches and farm birds, including duck, goose, swan and poultry • Gerbils • Guinea pig • Hamster • Domestic lab mouse, rat Poultry houses or pigeon coops must be smaller than four hundred (400) square feet of ground area and shorter than twelve (12) feet tall. Hutches for small animals, not including chickens and pigeons, must be less than one hundred (100) square feet of  ground area, with a maximum of two (2)(read the rest)