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We do lots of different tradition’s for Christmas and here are them. The most common one is us opening one present on Christmas Eve but on Christmas Eve or Christmas day we have Chinese food at a restaurant and nobody does that in the US. this year we have a plan and it is We open our present’s with our family. Then, we are going to my mom’s friend house. Finally, we are going home and having Chinese food. sorry for this small blog and I hope you all enjoy

This year thanksgiving was at Jamie’s house and we had a good time. Before we went to  Jamie’s house we did a 3 mile walk or jog with Chad,Bethany, and Brook and it was really fun because we went to the park and we had to walk back which I walked back by myself and a little with Boston and I was in 1st place and Boston was in 2nd place. Then we went to Jamie’s House and I talked with Chad and I got a cool app for Call of duty :Ghost to customize my guys But I am can only customize the things that I bought with my Squad points. The food was great and I had a Orange Crush with my food. We had a awsome time and I hope you all enjoy this blog.

A Play station made by Sony and is a game console that we play but we play the 3 which is the best because You don’t have to pay to be to play with other people but with the PS4 and its is not old it is kinda new .There are Different ways to have games which ane Buy it on the game console or buy the disc. My Ps3 picture is a roman helmet ans my dad’s is Sweet Tooth which is from a racing game which my mom played.They have Movie’s, Demo’s and add on’s that can be downloaded.   You can store picture and screenshots in the photo gallery. You can take a screenshots by clicking select button and start button but some games you can’t like the game wipeout. Now lets compare the Xbox with the Ps3. the Ps3 cost no money to play with people but the Xbox does cost money to play with people.the Ps3 has closer joysticks but Xbox doesn’t have closer joysticks. Ps3 and the Xbox are tied because the Xbox is good for people with large hand but not good for people with not that much money and the Ps3 is good for(read the rest)

I have been playing Call of Duty Ghost and I want to write about it. My favorite gun is the Honey badger but its not a sniper and my favorite sniper gun is the L115. My favorite maps are Jail break, Warhawk, and Strikezone. I got the game from my dad and he play’s this game to and we both play it on the PlayStation 3. he is good when its him and me but is not   good with more player but i’m good at both because I play more than him. My level is in the 30’s and his is 8 or 9. I once been in 2nd place and it is fun to play with other people but sometimes there Level 60 which is as high levels go. On the level Stormfront There is a working elevator and it’s fun to be in. I Hope you all enjoy and i will write tomorrow and I wish you a happy thanksgiving.  

My favorite angry birds game is the first because the golden egg levels.they also created all the birds and pigs in that game. The birds names are Hal, Chuck, Red, Terence, Bubbles, Stella, The blues, Bomb, Matilda and The Mighty Eagle  and the Pigs names are, Minion pig, King pig, Foreman pig and The helmet pig. The story is the pigs took the eggs and the birds are angry because the pigs took the egg and the birds try to take the eggs back and the have to kill all the Minion pigs,Foreman pigs and the helmet pigs to get to king pig and get the eggs. But at one level the birds get trapped but saved by Terence and Terence is a bigger size then the other birds. you meet Hal at the balloons and he is the bird who acts like a boomerang. That is all the all I Know about the first angry birds and I hope you all enjoy