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I’m so excited for the oven to be installed in the airstream. I want to cook with my mom in the airstream is chicken dinner. For dessert I like to bake a cake for with my mom. This is a great gravy recipe http://allrecipes.com/recipe/moms-country-gravy/

In our tiny house we don’t have many place to put stuff away or hide.  Each of us has our own sleeping space complete with water bottle holder, reading light and speaker.  Both bottom bunks have storage underneath.  Below Rachel’s bottom bunk is storage for all of our shoes and boots and under my bottom bunk is storage for plastic tubs that hold things like playing cards, charging cords and other bits that we need. I would like my own storage space within my sleeping space that I don’t bump into when I sleep.  The upper bunks where my brothers sleep have hidden compartments under their mattresses where they hide things like their toys, action figures, wallets and other little items important to them.  I would like my own hidden space under my mattress as well as a shelf to display my pottery and drawings. I also think that we should add a white board on the ceiling of the airstream so if we want to write messages to each other on the board and let the family know what we are doing today. The photo isn’t exactly how I would like it but whatever shelf I get needs a(read the rest)

1972 airstream sovereign

We have a big day today. The kids are going to meet the teachers and other students attending their virtual academy tonight. Rachel is going to the Carnation Festival with Megans’s Place and will have a dinner and shower with them before she comes home. While Rachel is having respite from us (lol) we are driving to Boulder and having a BBQ dinner with our extended family in Northern Colorado.

After a long day of doing Mom stuff, Mom of dying kid stuff and working on websites, I came home to this. A ramp into the airstream for Rachel, built by my friend Christopher. Good friends are hard to come by and I have been very lucky in the friend department.

Ever consider moving into a tiny house?  There are all sorts of Tiny House Designs and Plans, Blogs and Websites out there which give you detailed information and instructions to construct a home on a (usually) 20 foot trailer. But what if you wanted to take a piece of 1970’s American history and convert it into your home?  You’d get an extra 10 feet (longer than the newly designed tiny homes) and spend a heck of a lot less every month just to live.  More time to enjoy life.