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So new york has been having bad weather the last few days some people died we recovered 5 of the bodys but for sure there are more. now heres my guide of how to stay safe. #1 Get lots of food. #2 Dont go out side at all until the storm is over. #3 Stay hydrated. #4 Dont  freeze to death dont call for help they will die. #5 Dont open the doors at all. Thats my guide of staying safe here are the way the people died. car accident, heart attacks from shoveling snow and getting caught in the snow and dying that is the end of my blog.

Eric Jeffrey picture of NY Snow

This week a storm  is going on and it killed 5 people . Some died of freezing some died of a heart attack .In some places it had 6 feet of snow. Storms can freeze anything that has liquids  if it is cold enough. And on the roads it can make cars swerve into other cars of the road and  make you lost. A way to stay safe is to stock your cupboards with food stay of the roads check for storms . And if you have to go out in your car wear a full snowsuit bring lots of food water and blankets.

I love Halloween when it comes to Holiday or celebrations I turn 4 years old  but something about Halloween over excites me. I love the pumpkin guts and there smell. Apple pie taste so good that when it is out I’m targeted to it. I love dressing up and trick or treating. For Halloween I would like to be Mavis  from hotel transylvania. Have fun ble bleh

So today for a free writing / blog topic I asked my kids what they want to be for Halloween and why.

Rachel is getting worse, much more difficult to physically manage and cognitively she can’t be held accountable for half of the things she does.

The weeks after the road race have been super busy for Rachel, me and her siblings.  Rachel finished up her home schooling with several weeks of seeing Anneliese the awesome TVI (Teacher of the Visually Impaired) at our home and baking.  Once school was out I loaded up the kids, pets and the Airstream and we drove out to Colorado.  Rachel had a hard time over the 4 day journey as it was very disorienting for her but once we arrived she has been doing much better.  I sent her IEP (education plan) to the school district here and they started her in summer school the Monday after we got here.  She likes going to school as much as she ever has (says she hates it but has a good time when she is there).  A huge difference for me was putting her on a big yellow school bus when I am used to putting her on a 13 passenger van.