I put my three younger children into public school for the last 7 weeks of school as I have been taking a “Nursing Assistant” course for Rachel.  Both school and the course ended on the same day and I’m catching up on work.  I need to apply for and pass the state exam, hopefully I will get an appointment quickly.

The school I sent the children to came in at the bottom of the district after the last round of state assessments. Many of the students will be going to surrounding elementary schools next year.  My children were in 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade and did not receive a single night of homework.  I’m sure Denver has a plethora of high quality elementary schools but the one I sent the kids to was definitely not one of them.

I have time to figure out where and what to do with them in the fall (mid August) but I have been dragging my feet on making lots of life decisions recently.  I am a decisive person by nature but having a sick child has left me lingering on some choices I need to make.  I’m feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders these last few years and often find myself exhausted while simply treading water.

It is time to make decisions and stick to them.  Is that even possible at this stage in my life?

And the birthday cards for Rachel came flooding in
Rachel's First Day of Summer School 2015


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