rachel and kat von tungelnShe really enjoyed the long weekend visit with my Mom. I was sure that she was going to be nasty to me this week after my Mom left but I was pleasantly surprised (and wrong). Truthfully I think that is another sign of her cognitive loss. I knew the decline was coming, it is always coming and coming and coming. Her ability to walk is nearly non-existent but I was born to be somewhat of a “brick shithouse” so I have no problem maneuvering her. The order for a hoyer lift is in as well as a new air mattress and an inflatable bed bath for her hair.

I’ve always planned ahead for the decline, having most things in place before she needs them.

I hate that she needs them.

This morning when I was getting her on the potty and cleaned up to go to school she said this (it was a bit broken but I am paraphrasing):

Rachel: “Mom, I’m sad.”

Me: “Because you miss granny?”

Rachel: “No.”

Me: “Nathan?”

Rachel: “Yes. Remember when I went to the hospital and sat in his bed.”

Me: “Yes, I do. It meant a lot to his Mommy.”

Rachel: “Me, too.”

She mentions Nathan everyday. Rachel only met him a handful of times and she knows he passed away. She has had this deep connection to him in her mind.

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