mary and gina with rachel in downtown denver

My dear friends from Boston came out to visit me.  Gina had been booked to fly out for a month and when I arrived at the airport I found out that she brought Mary as a surprise!  We all met through having kids in the Hull, Massachusetts school system.  Gina worked with Rachel for a couple of years and, I will be honest, I find awesome people and cling to them for dear life!  Here are some pictures from our trip!!

March 104 March 105
March 113
March 120 March 121 March 122 March 128 March 129 March 131 March 135

IMG_0897[1] IMG_0900[1] IMG_0952[1] IMG_0927[1]

Rachel learning how to shoot hoops in 2010
Karen Morley Real Estate Maintenance


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