(Photo above: My 3 living children Geocaching in Denver (2017)

Above:  Myself and 4 kiddos dressed up at a car show for Halloween in 2016.

Hola! My name is Kat Wasabi and I am a website manager (content / creative) for customers all over the United States with Geek Media. My name really really is Kathryn Wasabi, I had it legally changed from Kathryn Vontungeln when my divorce was finaly

My oldest child, Rachel, died at age 16 from a rare brain disease called Juvenile Batten Disease. My 3 other children are totally (as far as I know) healthy and awesome. Halloween is our favorite holiday! <3

In my spare time, I like to take my kids on road trips and go 4-wheeling.  I have also helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for Juvenile Batten Disease Research. I am a proud vegan and have converted my children. Vegan for the animals!

We live just outside of Denver, Colorado with Mittens the cat.

Will it end?
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Kat Wasabi is a 30+ American Vegan, Website Manager, Blogger and proud Mum. Likes: Jeeps, Vitamin D, Music, Traveling & Authenticity.


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