My 9 pound, 3oz screaming bag of bones has turned into a beautiful, tall and thoughtful young lady.  I’m old!!!  She’s beautiful and I love her to death.  My brother had us over to his house while we were in Boston to celebrate her day.  My friend’s children made her a couple of cakes…. they turned out great! 


Opening presents! Beautiful as ever!


Stopping for coffee in Nebraska so she could meet up with her Dad as he was driving east.


Kaleigh, one of two awesome cake bakers!


Caden and Kaleigh carrying over Julie’s cakes! <3

Rachel with her cousin, Sarah and Sarah's boyfriend, Zach.

Rachel with her cousin, Sarah and Sarah’s boyfriend, Zach.

Hot tubbin' - perfect way to start a birthday!

Hot tubbin’ – perfect way to start a birthday!

Easter 2015
Friends Forever


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