Julie's first white chicken egg.

When we moved into our house (it’s a rental) it was made very clear to me by my daughter that she wanted to raise chickens for fresh eggs!  Our awesome landlord, Paula, was kind enough to give us permission to keep a small flock in our backyard as it is legal in our city of Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  You are apparently allowed hens (no roosters) and our city even permits one goat.

We average 3 eggs per day after several months of heat lamps to keep the chicks warm as they had not yet acquired their thick feather coats.  The coop itself cost $400 and I have spent at least double that amount in supplies, food, electricity and the addition of a chicken run that was built out of airstream supplies.

At the rate of 4 eggs per day about about $5.00 per dozen it will take a few years to make the money back (chickens lay less when it is cold out because they are conserving energy to stay warm).

So.  Was it worth the money?  Definitely.  My Julie girl absolutely loves raising chickens and gets so excited to check the coop everyday for eggs now that our hens are laying. It is like a mini Christmas for her every warm day.  Colorado has about 300 sunny days per year.  Today it is 78 degrees outside and I expect 4 eggs but have only found 3 so far.

My girl is happy and she feels great pride from her birds.  So hell yes, definitely worth the money!

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