Nantasket Beach in Hull Massachusetts

We’ve been in Boston (well, Hull Massachusetts overlooking Nantasket Beach) since Sunday and have seen so many people we love and miss.  Friends and family.  People who have seen Rachel decline since 2009 and were able to hide their sadness after seeing her decline of 9 months (since we moved) better than I expected.  I have only cried once since being here, maybe twice.  Not bad, all things considered.

Here are some pictures, these go out to the ones we love. <3




IMG_1215[1] IMG_1220[1] IMG_1212[1] IMG_1178[1] IMG_1181[1] IMG_1195[1] IMG_1226[1] IMG_1217[1] IMG_1213[1] IMG_1229[1] IMG_1232[1] IMG_1233[1] IMG_1234[1] IMG_1259[1] IMG_1257[1]

IMG_1289[1] IMG_1306[1] IMG_1314[1] IMG_1322[1] IMG_1326[1] IMG_1328[1]

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