KIDS_HOOTERSWhen we got to Washington the kids were still looking for “wings” since the “Chinese Food” place we went to didn’t serve chicken wings (or beef on a stick for that matter). We were driving down the highway and I saw Hooters (the place where the ladies don’t wear a lot of clothes but are known for their wings) and we went! The staff in the Tacoma Hooters was extremely helpful and responsive, the merlot and salad were delcious as was the food the kids got (wings, fried pickles and potato logs). When we were getting ready to leave the staff asked us if we wanted a picture and I think you can tell by Boston’s face he was thrilled! <3

London was at Hooters with us but didn’t want to be in the picture (and I try not to be “that parent” and force them into the picture).

Kids in Trinity National Forest
Auntie Julie


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