Today is as bad as any other day has been. The socket is still healing, or trying to. I had to take Julie’s nasal aspirator and fill it with warm water and flush out my socket as it was looking pretty gross (I think some food got stuck in there). That was really fucking painful.

On the way home from the fair yesterdy, my tongue presented me with a very small piece of tooth. I think it came off of one of the surrounding teeth to the extraction site. That tooth is in a lot of pain, I am thinking another exposed nerve. All I want to feel is NOTHING.

My computer is toast right now. The power connector (the thing you plug the power cord into) has no connection so John is having it sent back to HP. I am on a naked computer and it is really hard to piece things together so I can get some work done. It took me 20 minutes to get into my blog just so I could post because I didn’t save my password, and my cookies didn’t carry over. Life is good other than that.

I took the girls to the Big E yesterday and Rachel had fun. It was stressful for me, making sure Rachel wasn’t abducted (there were thousands of people there) and making sure my keys, wallet and camera weren’t stolen. The assholes up the street from the fair posted this lovely sign for $10 parking that is only a 5 minute walk. 5 minutes as about 15 on the walk in and 20-25 on the way out (Rachel was EXHAUSTED and I was too drained to carry her the mile or so). The lady I paid knew I had two small children and still swindled me. That really REALLY upset me. It wasn’t exactly safe walking back to my car on the street and crossing that road with the nasty blind turn but it’s not like I had a choice. Next time I will know better.

The fair was huge… Rachel loved seeing all of the animals and the rides I took her on. This is the true secret to life. Taking your kids out and everyone coming home sweaty and exhausted. Rachel had so much fun!!!

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