A lot of very big decisions need to be made.  Until they are said and done I feel like I am being robbed of my happy.  Its silly to let “the now” rob of your happy but sometimes we don’t have a choice.

I was separated from my husband for 6 months last year and have filed for divorce 3 times.  Husband came home in January at my suggestion when he was having some health issues. We are at a stale mate and he won’t separate again, and you can’t force someone to move out of the house if they are on the mortgage. We are both in ABSOLUTE agreement that we are divorcing.

So the next step is to put the house on the market.  Soon.

Last Friday I took Rachel out of her residential school after one month and am working on figuring out where to have her go next.  She and I both vote that she returns to the local middle school for now.

I also need to sort out a vehicle that will fit all of my children and a wheel chair.  Preferably that can pull an airstream or I am going to have to sell it.  The kids are so excited about the Airstream, as am I, so that would be a crazy shame considering Rachel CAN CAMP with us in it!!!

College (for me) starts back up in 5 days.  Hopefully the DCFS “investigation” will be done by then.  DCFS was called  because “someone” was “concerned” about my ability to care for Rachel.  The child doesn’t miss a meal, a bath or her meds.  So aggravating.

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