I got up early today because I had a dentist appointment. On my first night or two of this 30 day sugar free challenge I bought myself a pack of gum to help with the cravings and I ended up losing a small piece of one of my molars. I was lucky and found out today that I do not need a root canal.

2 cups of coffee before the dentist. Gluten free mega pile of nachos for an early (11am) lunch. A pickle and a bunch of water this afternoon.

I came to the realization that I can keep this up for the rest of my life. I feel less hungry than I usually do (I am normally hungry allllll of the time. Not real, stomach growling hunger, just the constant desire to stuff my face). I’m a month away from celebrating 2 years of veganism, I can do this sugar free thing for a long time. I hope this way of life helps me to lose weight, I will be pretty much devastated if this isn’t the one thing that helps me get past my constant struggle with weight.

Being at my friends house is usually hard for me because she lives about 8,000 above sea level and I live 5,000 feet above sea level. I noticed after the first day that my body was able to breathe easier up there than it ever has. Is that related to losing a few pounds or breaking the hold that sugar has on me? I don’t know. It might be unrelated to both.

This was dinner. 2 vegan hot dogs and 2 mandarin oranges. Spicy mustard instead of sugary ketchup. I miss ketchup.

Sleep: 5 hours 15 minutes

Weight: I didn’t weigh again. Bloat blows.

Steps: 15,617

Day 8
Day 10 and the Orthodontist


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