I’ll be honest. Day 2 was a bit rough.

I had a banana and sugar free coffee creamer for breakfast, chili beans and corn chips (gluten free) for lunch, and a salad which I mostly threw out (spinach, black beans, red onions, no dressing, tomatoes and cucumber. I just ate some grape tomatoes.

I slept in today and took a 2 hour nap before I went to Amazon.

I have lost a couple of pounds already and my ring size has gone done at least one full size.

There was definitely a feeling of being dizzy and out of it today. No headaches. I think I felt light headed because my blood sugar was low (I’m guessing). I definitely would not have been able to complete a long car trip today.

Lots of water which seemed to help because I definitely had an increased thirst. Its easy to drink a ton of water living a mile above sea level but my regular water intake was not enough. I felt sluggish at amazon but managed to do a good job. I wasn’t extra irritable, there was one guy who was scanning boxes to the pallets on my side and I did consider tripping him a few times but that was the extent of my grumpy level. Much better than yesterday.

Sleep: 10 hours + 2 hour early evening nap

Weight: Down 1 pound

Steps: 14, 3204

Bring on day 3.

Giving up Sugar : Day 1
Day 3


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