Jamie and I decided it would be fun to take the kids to the science Museum.  Out of a potential 10, we managed to sneak into the Museum with only 5 kiddos.  It was cool to see exhibits we hadn’t seen before, I really enjoy learning more about the human body and I was totally blown away with the pig lungs!  

Honey bee is a cat who has NO eyes at all but she is very very very interesting because she finds her way around places they would’nt let her in the corn maze so she did the pumpkin maze also she takes a while on hikes because she wanted to smell everything also when she is tired she rides her owners or humans back she squirms when she wants to go down again honey bee also loves human Loves them also she is very smart very very very smart she got to pick their pumpkin she loves other cats and kittens my mom thinks it is amazing which i do to peace out

Honey bee is a Blind cat that was adopted by Fiji. they go hiking and exploring with each other and they go slow because Honey bee listen’s to the noises like squirrel’s wind and other things. she uses her feeling sense, her smelling sense, and hearing sense. sorry for this short blog also.

We do lots of different tradition’s for Christmas and here are them. The most common one is us opening one present on Christmas Eve but on Christmas Eve or Christmas day we have Chinese food at a restaurant and nobody does that in the US. this year we have a plan and it is We open our present’s with our family. Then, we are going to my mom’s friend house. Finally, we are going home and having Chinese food. sorry for this small blog and I hope you all enjoy

Christmas eve is where you get one present no school no nothing except home and whatever you want to do its not just that its also tim for your family to get along and have fun maby watch a movie stay up for a while NOT kiss under the missletoe and see people you have’nt seen in a while also for pizza dinner… yes also its for awesome food also my mom lets me watch lots of movies and eat candy watch christmas specials play video games forever never want the day to end jitters and just watch yaw or somethin btw i said somethin cause hagrid ok that the end of me blog bye  

First I will be talking about Call of Duty Black Ops. I signed up for a notification on cheap shark because I don’t own the game so I want an email when it is cheaper. Below this blog entry I will put a link up for it on Gamefly. When I get the game I am going to install a lot of mods. This game is basically like black ops 2 but less upgraded. I don’t know the story or really anything about Call of Duty Black OPS.  I own Call of Duty Ghosts, which my brother really likes. Also YAW (You Always Win, which is a cool channel on Youtube) plays Call of Duty Black OPS a lot. I watch YAW on Youtube a lot because there are funny gamers and they do mods and holiday specials. YAW also does holiday specials like Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentines Day. YAW is one channel run by two brothers: Meaty and Brothergunns. YAW:  https://www.youtube.com/user/YouAlwaysWin/videos CHEAP SHARK: http://www.cheapshark.com/search?q=call%20of%20duty%20black%20ops

Today I am writing bout the Hobbit but having the words in colors like gold and light blue and I was taught this by my mom Kathryn and she is the owner of this website. The hobbit is a cool story where a dragon named Smaug that stole gold and hid it as well as the Arkenstone but Smaug turned golden and that was awesome and in the story is really important and Smaug stole it but a group of dwarfs, one wizard,and a hobbit called Bilbo which is the main character went to get the gold back and the wizard’s name is Gandalf which got Bilbo to come but the two Unique things about Bilbo is he holds a secret ring which only four people or more have held it but these people are in the story and the first go his finger chopped of and fell in a river and one day that river got fished in by  Mr. Sméagol friend  Mr. Sméagol took it he was but later named Gollum because he got corrupted by the ring and he held the ring for some time and he called it Precious but he dropped it and then Bilbo found it. the other thing that makes Bilbo(read the rest)

The merry go round that is my life seems to be spinning faster these days. John moved to Denver on Friday and is staying with us for 10 days. It is pretty interesting to have him in my home after so many months apart and so many bad feelings between us. This is for the kids and hopefully we will be able to be somewhat nice to each other for them.

In My opinion cats rule. 1 Cats are independent. Cats don’t need  much food because there killing days are Friday and Wednesday. 2 They are silent. Cats are silent on anything even when meowing it isn’t very loud. 3 They are playful Mittens my cat is shy but very playful even when killing mice she does it in a playful way. When they are dead she plays ping pong with there body. 4 Cats are beautiful cats can have lion cuts and I want my mom to shave my cat to look like this cat. Bye and remember that cats rule!!!!!!!! Bye bye bye 

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