I forgot it was picture day at Homeschool Enrichment and I’m on a budget so I didn’t buy any packages. I took these of the kids, quickly, as we were headed into school. The bottom picture is Rachel from a few years ago while we were waiting for the bus. Julie London Boston Rachel : 2014 or 2015

Accio (AK-key-oh) is the summoning charm. It is unknown who made it. This spell does not work with building and most living things.  According to Hermione Granger, It does not matter how far away the item is, it can be summoned if the caster is clear on the item they want to summon. Known uses are from Molly Weasley, Hermione Granger, Barty Crouch Jr. (Disguised as Alastor Moody),Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Death Eaters, Fred Weasley, Lord Voldemort, George Weasley. Accio in Latin is “I Summon”.                                                                           Luna Lovegood was born in February 13, 1981 was a witch from Xenophilius and Pandora Lovegood. Pandora died when experimenting with spells when Luna was 9.  Her Father, editor of the magazine The Quibbler, Took care of her. She attended Hogwarts for 1992-1999. She was sorted in Ravenclaw. She joined Dumbledore army in 4th year. She participated in the battle of the Department of Mysteries on 1996. Later in life, Luna became a Magizoologist. She married Rolf Scamander(read the rest)

Assassin creed is a game where you are Assassins called Conner, , Ezio, Altair, Edward, Aveline, Evie and Jacob Frye.  There enemy’s Are called Templar who try and steal all of the pieces of Eden. I think only two Assassins betrayed the brotherhood of assassin’s. There names are  Duncan Walpole and Shay Cormac.  I’ve played The  Assassins Creed III, Black flag and Rogue. The main character in these games are Conner, Edward Kenway And Shay Cormac. The father of Conner Is Haytham Kenway. The plots are very creative and so is the characters. some are actually real people Like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Assassins creed III takes place in Colonial america because it said something about Boston tea party. the character that plays the biggest role in the plot is Desmond Miles. He is related To Edward,  Conner and Haytham. you play as a character in The animus which is a device that brings you back in time to see your Ancestors in the Older time. So they used the animus on a character to see his memories as a assassins and it unlocks a file that puts the company in lock down. so they look more in the memories to see(read the rest)

Wine about it is a show hosted by Matt Bellassai and it is really funny. He does a weekly video where he gets drunk and whines about stuff.I think its funny because his wine glass can fit a entire bottle of wine and he drinks it all. He did one about halloween and call candy corn Satins hardened earwax and threw it at his boss. he also complained about mini food, Roommates don’t throw away garbage, People who don’t respond immediately, Pumpkin flavors stuff and people how only respond with the letter k. in the description he puts a phrase he said. My two favorite are Fall is taco bells bathroom and squirrels only care about getting there berry’s, acorns  and pastries. my family always watch him. the first time I saw him is when i was with my dad. he acts all serious dumb stuff like squirrels love pastries. he made Exhibit A, B and C just to say that squirrels eat pastries. He is so funny and he works at Buzz feed which me and my dad like. I think he should become a comedian. He’s done whines about halloween, people how are annoying to text with, fall(read the rest)

A few days ago I went To Hull, Massachusetts And it was really fun. On the Airplane to there I watched Spongebob Squarepants. The free water was nice and i got another bottle on the plane. At  first i was scared But then when we were in the air I loved it. It felt really short. when we got off the airplane we had to go on a Bus then after we had McDonald for dinner. Me and granddad Ate medium fries and Coke. Then we got on a train to Hingham then Granny picked us up. then we met two people that are granny’s sister and niece. There names are Mark and Sylvia Briggs. We went to Granny’s & Granddad’s  new house called Portland. We went there and had dinner. I think it was Mac’n’cheese. we also had some Dr.Pepper. Then we went back to there old house to go to sleep. The next day I had cereal for breakfast and orange juice. Granny said we were going to Christmas tree shop, Sports authority , then Cape cod super buffet, Then the Mall, I got a Hoodie and London bag from Marshall. We then went back to the Older(read the rest)

This year we are doing Halloween different from last year. this year we have Yoda and a ghost with witch hat in our front yard and we also have A spiderweb with fake spiders, skeleton on front door, 2 fake pumpkins and a some graves. the thing that mostly changed the places we will be going. We are first going to Wheat ridge High school which is today then we are going to a thing called Trunk or treat then Go to halloween party then Finally we will be going Trick or treating. Boston is a villain from star wars, Moms a Doctor that a zombie and with an exposed brain, i’m  going as Captain America again, Julie is a regular zombie, and Rachel will be a vampire. The coolest thing is that target is holding a halloween event and it is really cool. I hope everyone will have a good Halloween.

This kid, with a head full of curls, turned 10!  I can’t believe it has been ten years since he was born at home, in Colorado Springs.  I feel like I’ve lived 5 lifetimes since then.  He’s a very smart kid who wanted a camera and a small soda fridge for his room.  He took this picture with his new camera.  Love him!

Recently I’ve been watching this one show called Tree house master and the main character is Pete Nelson and some more people. they build tree house’s and fix up them. but they also just check them out like a very cool one and the way to get up was using a bicycle. I want to build a tree house with a zip line and a ladder but in it we can watch TV,play games, stay in there and sleep but also read we are going to do many things. cant think this will be finished tommorow    

My family has an Airstream and we are going to live in it. one thing we are adding is a small desktop and going make an it TV like.we have some things done like a bedroom, a couch. lights.fridge, an awning and more. we are going to move in to it and have lots more money and we do not have to pay rent or mortgage we just have to pay tax for the things we buy and we are going to have a portable house. one of the best things about an Airstream is that it is shiny. Most people never seen an Airstream but in Colorado it is really easy to see an Airstream. I feel like Airstream’s are the best type of trailer.

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