We’re headed to London in 10 days and my kids have never really been on public transportation.  I took Boston on the RTD Train and Bus so we can practice getting places and timing our arrival time accurately.  I know the London Underground is going to be a whole different ballgame but I figured we better get our feet wet. Boston agreed to ride the Bus / Train to take a yoga class with me if I agreed to take him to see IT.  Deal done!  Here are the pictures from our day trip.  We ended up having to take an Uber home because we got on the wrong bus after the movie but it was fine, a real learning experience and honestly I really enjoyed his company.  He was tech free and didn’t complain once. Boston and I headed out. London took the picture in front of our house. Boston waiting at the bus stop near our house. Me and Boston, super excited for our little adventure. Here comes the bus! On the bus! Waiting for the train.  It’s a new train called the A Line that goes all the way to Denver International Airport. Here comes the train(read the rest)

Todd and I took the kids to Rainbow Lakes outside of Nederland, Colorado the weekend before Labor Day Weekend. Rachel’s urn in tow. These are the pictures Todd took. ❤️

julie camping in jeep wrangler 2015 jku

Took the kids camping a week or two ago and had a great time!  Looking forward to getting out there and doing more primitive camping.  We had no problems eating vegan and were all quite cozy.  Julie slept in my jeep, the boys slept in a 2 man tent and Todd and I slept on an air mattress in my Eureka Tent (Colorado made). Julie even took her first turn behind the steering wheel!

After a long day of doing Mom stuff, Mom of dying kid stuff and working on websites, I came home to this. A ramp into the airstream for Rachel, built by my friend Christopher. Good friends are hard to come by and I have been very lucky in the friend department.

Aside from a lot of driving near the edge of a mountain (which terrifies me) we had a great day at Spring Creek. The trail is rated a 6-8 and with some good spotting, Wasabi made it through nicely.

Rachel was supposed to come to the gun range with me back in Boston several months ago, but the day I had planned to take her she had a seizure. Yesterday we went up to Spring Creek which is just outside of Idaho Springs in Colorado. With the help of multiple, legal gun owners, Rachel was given the opportunity to handle an unloaded rifle and with assistance she was able to shoot it.

On the way home from Seattle we stopped in at Uncle Ben and Aunt Debbie’s house and had a little family reunion where me / John and the kids got to meet his Uncles and Aunts!!! We had an awesome time and wish we lived closer! We also stopped at the Mall of America in our travels home and spent the afternoon at their indoor amusement park and had the BEST time. Air-conditioned amusement parks are definitely my kind of place! This picture is John and a few of the kids on one of the rides. We had a great trip and I am so glad we did it!!!!!!

When we got to Washington the kids were still looking for “wings” since the “Chinese Food” place we went to didn’t serve chicken wings (or beef on a stick for that matter). We were driving down the highway and I saw Hooters (the place where the ladies don’t wear a lot of clothes but are known for their wings) and we went! The staff in the Tacoma Hooters was extremely helpful and responsive, the merlot and salad were delcious as was the food the kids got (wings, fried pickles and potato logs). When we were getting ready to leave the staff asked us if we wanted a picture and I think you can tell by Boston’s face he was thrilled! <3 London was at Hooters with us but didn’t want to be in the picture (and I try not to be “that parent” and force them into the picture).

We have arrived in Eureka, California and are staying here for 2 days (well, 2 nights). On the way here from NV we had a pretty windy-roaded trip and it was slow moving once we crossed into California and left highway 80. Boston got car sick when we were only 20 minutes from the hotel, that was fun to clean up. 🙂 Today we are hanging out in Eureka which is a a beach town in northern California. It reminds me a lot of Florida and a New England beach town. Its funny how all beach towns kind of look the same. 🙂 Last night at dinner a family came over to our table and asked us about their journey. After a nice chat with a family from Connecticut, they donated $50 to Team Rachel!

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