They like to sleep together. First it started out in the same room with beds side by side… and now that we put Julie’s bed on the other side of the room, Julie hopped into bed with Rachel and they are attached. Very cute. Here is Rachel (6) and Julie (2 years 8 months)…

Boston Fenway John von Tungeln Born 9/30/06 8lbs 10.9oz

We had this taken a weekend ago at the “Paragon Carouesel” .. Santa (the father of one of John’s customers) was a little short in the pants and I look terrible, but here we go… :lol

But all of our Christmas gifts are wrapped and under the tree. I brought the tree down to our family room, missle style and am sitting next to it as I type. We got two “wing-back” chairs (I’m sitting in one) that will need to be slip covered, anyone have any idea where I can get two slip covers? What does it say about me that every piece of furniture on this floor (chairs, couches, dining set)… was given to me, for free, off of freecycle? Free rules! John is suffering from a nasty stomach bug and is in bed. I hope he feels better tomorrow, I need him feeling 100%. 🙁

Neglecting my blog only leaves me feeling guilt and God knows that I have enough guilt with all that comes with being a mother. Today I got up with London and we took a tub together and got dressed together and left to go get coffee together while everyone slept. There is something wonderful and magical about leaving the house with one child that has multiple siblings. He had a great time, as he always does, and I felt fabulous about my one-on-one time with my wide eyed and smiley son. When I found out I was expecting I had no idea what I could possibly do with a son… and now I can honestly say that I don’t remember what my life was like before he came into mine. I love you Londy-boy.

I just sent this out via mass email to all of our “Crunchy Mommas” members: Hey Ladies.. I am asking that you take a moment and “check-in” on the thread listed below so that we know you are still around and wanting to maintain your membership on Crunchy Mommas. There is also a thread on the site asking what you think about a possible name change. Some of my “Momma” friends have suggested that they don’t like the name because the don’t identify with it. We’d love your feedback. We are active again after most of us taking a hiatus and in order to ‘protect’ some sensitive material in protected forums, I plan on pruning the member list in the next week or so. http://www.crunchymommas.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=372 We’d love to keep you but understand if you are busy or have moved on. Happy Holidays! Kate von Tungeln www.crunchymommas.com/forums

John and I are both self employed. During the holidays we get SCREWED by the fact that we don’t have a company to give us a bonus or a holiday party to attend. It’s our own damn fault. We need to have an office party. Maybe I should link the Office Party up with John’s Birthday Party. hmmm

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