I was at a Memorial Day BBQ this weekend and found myself with other parents who both have children the same age as Rachel was (should be). All of our children should be starting their senior year and living through all of the milestones that this year of life has to offer. College tours, homecoming, prom, senior pics, graduation.  The other parents knew that my daughter had recently died and yet they found it fitting to complain about having to pay for senior pics, cap and gown fees. Money, from what I can gather, is not an issue. Parents just complaining about the added expenses of their children, their healthy children, moving to the next stage in life. I burst into tears, behind my sunglasses and looked away, toward the field we were sitting next to.  Wishing I had my daughter back, healthy.  Knowing she’s not coming back, wishing the ground would swallow me whole. If you know someone who should have a child around the same age as yours, please try and be careful with them. We’re sore.  Sensitive. Broken hearted. We’d do anything to not be wearing the shoes of a grieving parent. Well, anything except trade with(read the rest)

debt graphic

I’m up to my eyes in debt since my x ran off to find himself. It literally makes me want to die and I don’t know what to do. I’ve spent the last year living off of credit cards just to support my family. It makes me feel sick on the daily and I lose a lot of sleep over this every week. Ready to live on cash and need to find a way to start chipping away at this mountain before it crushes me. Where do I begin?

My 12 year old is pretty mature for his age and has a few older step brothers. He’s been exposed to lots of stuff and has a mature sense of humor. I keep hearing that the movie is R rated but that its not appropriate. He has seen too many R rated movies to count and enjoyed most of them (as much as any adult would have). What’s your take? Do you think Deadpool is too mature? Like, really really R rated?

Too bad the effects of worrying weren’t as profitable as the age old “Location Location Location!” I remember when my marriage was falling apart but I clung to it for several months longer than I should.  It could easily be considered embarrassing but at the time I did a lot of reading.  I googled articles for months, maybe a year.  Reading up on anything from “How to know when to call it quits” to “Divorce with special needs child” to “Divorcing with children.”  A lot of my reading was geared towards women, mothers who were facing divorce. I realized I was not alone.  Marriages, as we know, end in divorce more than 50% of the time.  If you factor in marriages that include a special needs and/or terminally ill child, that percentage increases dramatically. One of the biggest reasons why women, specifically, hold onto their marriage is fear of financial security.