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Weeks before Boston’s 11th birthday I came across a picture from his third birthday party and decided I wanted to try and inexpensively recreate the picture.  I think I nailed it without spending a fortune.  The main difference, to me, was the cost of the cake.  Vegan cakes are much more expensive than an ole vanilla box cake by Betty Crocker.  This is the resulting picture.

This is the comparison picture between 2017 and 2009.

London turned 12 just 10 days later and I sprung for a full vegan cake for him.  It was INCREDIBLE!

A few days before his birthday we went to a party for Ruby who was turning 4 and Boston took this picture of his brother. I love when they take pictures on my phone, seeing the world through their eyes.

wptv-blindcat1_1410862534484_8085655_ver1.0_640_480Honey bee is a Blind cat that was adopted by Fiji. they go hiking and exploring with each other and they go slow because Honey bee listen’s to the noises like squirrel’s wind and other things. she uses her feeling sense, her smelling sense, and hearing sense. sorry for this short blog also.

2000px-Texas_flag_map.svgTexas is a hot country and they are known for being the lone star state and they only have a natural lake called Caddo lake.My dad comes from Texas and he now lives in Colorado with us and he is here at are place for a little. before Texas was a state it was a country and in England there is a restaurant in the former Texas Embassy.

 If Texas wanted to they can split into 5 different states which would give Texas 10 Senators but is also the second largest state and the 1st is. so end of Blog and I hope you all enjoy this Texas blog.

London is a place that my family came from but I have never been there but I want to go and I am also named after London But the place is called England. The have a really cool flag that looks like a cross with the color of Blue,Red,and White. They have a ride called the London Eye and a clock tower called Big Ben.

When at night the London Eye is beautiful  from the pictures I see. The pilgrims use to live in England.


Today Julie taught A tip that is really awesome.She taught me to Listen to a audio book when doing your work. I really like it and i will tell you why. I like it because it get work done faster and you can use YouTube for a full version and you can Check the time easily.

You can pick a good book like I am listening to Matilda by Roald Dahl. Its the best to use Headphones or Bluetooth .41U89kJIUDL._SY300_So end of blog I hope you enjoy this blog and the next one and also please tell me more tips.

Stormfront I have been playing Call of Duty Ghost and I want to write about it. My favorite gun is the Honey badger but its not a sniper and my favorite sniper gun is the L115. My favorite maps are Jail break, Warhawk, and Strikezone. I got the game from my dad and he play’s this game to and we both play it on the PlayStation 3. he is good when its him and me but is not


good with more player but i’m good at both because I play more than him. My level is in the 30’s and his is 8 or 9. I once been in 2nd place and it is fun to play with other people but sometimes there Level 60 which is as high levels go. On the level Stormfront There is a working elevator and it’s fun to be in. I Hope you all enjoy and i will write tomorrow and I wish you a happy thanksgiving.


Today we went to the Museum of Nature and Science and we had a great time and we became members there.We saw an camel and T-Rex at the entrance when we became members.  We also first watched a movie called “We Are Aliens” which was cool. And then we looked at the space exhibit and we learned that some places get less sun than others in months and how a star is born then there death.

After that we looked at some Mummies. They had a rich one with lots a amulets and gold , a poor one that had its brains still and livers which were supposed to be removed, and they also had animals which had only some bones and there skull broken or missing. And we saw why they made mummies: because they believed people could come back and have an afterlife.

We also saw a whale exhibit which we got to be in a real life size grey whale heart which is big and we could go in it. There was a board of whales and dolphins and we got to feel some whale bones. Then we got to do some things like make your own whale and try to make sure the dolphin doesn’t get hurt. But the bad news is we lost Boston’s cape 🙁 but we ask the guards to look for it.

Here are some pictures:


Totem Pole

Totem Pole

London, Boston and Julie with the Sarcophagus

London, Boston and Julie with the Sarcophagus




London's Christmas Lego Ship

London's Christmas Lego ShipCheck out London’s Christmas ship!!!  London was doing some lego play this morning as we have a big trip planned to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science later today. Before we go we are going to the Bake Sale at Rachel’s school.

Leave a comment and let know London what you think!

Some pretty cool pictures and drawings recently, thought I would share a bunch in their own post.


cactus picture








mine craft diamond guy on horse

I decided to make a part 3 so this one will be mobs in the combat book which has a little of the mobs that we will be talking about. the first are silverfishes and they have 4 hearts so it is easy to kill but they come have a lot of them. so make sure don’t bring potions of harming or you could die from them and they spawn in strongholds and they do 1 half heart of damage to people with no armor. next is spiders and have 8 hearts and i thinks to not to be on the lower end cause they jump and they are a pain in the but to kill but bring some speed potions and they do 1 to 1 and a half of damage.

since its getting long here is the last one and its a slime and they have 3 types of them and there called large, medium, and tiny which from this is of there health is 8 hearts, 2 hearts, and half a hearts of health and they all cant swim so drown them and look up there attack strength. so here is the end o blog and sorry for no pictures of the pages because my phone is dead and i am in a hurry because we are having and walking dead marathon

mine craft diamond guy on horse

Minecraft  is a famous game and i think more than a billions play the game. In Minecraft you can do  multiple things and the most obvious is mining and crafting. there are books to help you Minecraft like these ones.so these are the awesome Minecraft  books. in the new Minecraft update called the bountiful update was a big update with new blocks and mobs and features. some of them are slime blocks, and endermite , and the new Minecraft player model called Alex.

the differences are she has a 3 by 3 hand width and its a girl. in Minecraft surviving the first night is hard but you can do it in the one with the pickaxe you can learn how to survive the first night.  in minecraft they have boats that are great for water transportation but theres also a new enchantment called depth strider which you can walk faster in water. here are some video links for great things that you possibly didnt know about minecraft so here are they here the first www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMGBXC4xniE , heres the second www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HkiNevwGR8 , heres is the last www.youtube.com/watch?v=srY6j8UhKYs .  so i hope you enjoy this guy and subscribe to him.


most peoples favoriote ore is diamonds but mine is redstone because i am good at it and i think good ideas with redstone. so here is some awsome things about minecraft.

minecraft-book download minecraft-books-for-kids

This is the last couple of hours where my boys are technically both 8. Today is London’s 9th birthday and on September 30th Boston turned 8. A gift that I mentally decided to give the boys was being on my phone less. Facebook, while fun, is a huge distraction for me. My iPhone takes pictures, easily, but doesn’t provide me with the quality I’d like to archive long-term.

I have a really nice camera which I splurged on but haven’t really used it. It is pretty stupid. I have 4 beautiful children and a gorgeous jeep. The season is autumn and the leaves are gorgeous.

So this afternoon I handed the boys specific colored shirts to contrast with each other but also to celebrate the season. I like the fall, I think just about everyone I know would pick this as their favorite season.

New England definitely has prettier foliage than Colorado but it is still beautiful here. I haven’t spent an Autumn in Colorado since 2005 when London was born at our home in Colorado Springs.

Here are my “Irish Twins.” London is wearing a burnt orange waffle shirt and Boston is, well, Boston. Boston always needs a haircut or he looks like he has just been cured of lice. Love my boys.

The boys climbing Token

The boys climbing Token

London is beat by his little brother climbing up

London is beat by his little brother climbing up

A perfect autumn day

A perfect autumn day

London, just hours away from being 9

London, just hours away from being 9

This picture sums up Boston perfectly.

This picture sums up Boston perfectly.

Boston trying to... breastfeed?  Had to share this one even though it is totally out of focus.

Boston trying to… breastfeed? Had to share this one even though it is totally out of focus.

Boston is a really smart, energetic child.  And loves to spend my money.

Boston is a really smart, energetic child. And loves to spend my money.

He is constantly "fake smiling."  Capturing one that is real is usually pretty hard because when it usually indicates he is up to mischief.

He is constantly “fake smiling.” Capturing one that is real is usually pretty hard because his smile usually means that he is up to mischief.

ipSoon I am going to have my iPhone 6 because my mom promised one when I was little. Some people say it floats which I think is not true. People also say it makes a projector which I think might be true. Another person says it can go invisible which I know is 100% false (because there is no technology that can do it yet). I know it’s longer and faster than the older models and that the apple symbol is now stainless steel. They best part is that it can store more apps.
The iPhone 6 has a new app called apple pay which I think my mom will love because you don’t have to carry cash or cards anymore (so throw the cards away lol). They also have a finger print scan to have security to get in your phone. There is also an iPhone 6+ which my mom is getting.
I am very excited.

I am thankful for my wonderful family.  First, I’m thankful for my caring family because they care of me.  When I get off the bus my Mom is there.  Then, I’m thankful for my great family because my family help not to get sick.  My Dad buys us fruits.  Next, I’m thankful for my busy family because they pay for our home.  Finally, I’m thankful for my unique family because we all have different totems. I have an owl.

Today is my 33rd birthday so I imagine my Mom is once again thrilled that she is no longer pregnant with me (I am mostly joking lol).  I was born over 3 weeks late and weighed over 10 pounds so I really can’t blame her.  Thank  you Mom, aka Eileen, for giving me life and putting up with my crap, foul language and obnoxiousness all of these years.  🙂

I also want to thank my Mom for being the first to sign-up for Rachel’s road race which is in 2 months.  I can’t say I was outright nervous that no one had signed up because I know people are really busy with “back to school” whether it is their child or grandchild headed back in the next few weeks.  I guess my Mom had mental telepathy and for that I am so grateful.  We have one official walker!!!!

This week I am finalizing the Sponsor information for businesses who can give over and beyond the registration fee as well as walkers and runners who will ask their friends to donate on their behalf.  Plus the prizes and raffle items.  I have never done this before and got some really great ideas at the Batten Disease Golf Tournament I took John and the girls to yesterday.  They raised about $30,000!!!!  My goal is to raise $10,000 this year for our walk/run/raffle.

Have a great day today if you read this entry!!!

Photo: Rachel (6), Kat (?) and Julie (2.5).  Not really easily seen is London who was 8 days past his due date and born the next day.  We were at a pumpkin patch in Colorado.

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