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Well, we lasted a little over a month with no high-speed internet but only 2 weeks with no TV.

My parents sent us a TV antenna a few weeks ago that looks like a white mouse pad which pulls in some great channel reception.  Tonight, after the kids cleaned the kitchen of our dinner dishes we were able to watch a Walking Dead episode which came in crystal clear.

This past Monday, when the CenturyLink man installed DSL, became the happiest day of my (3 younger) kid’s lives.  This makes me sad.  I hope the best day of their lives is the day we set foot in another country to explore…

I definitely didn’t miss cable television or the endless need for my kids to watch every youtube video ever uploaded. I didn’t miss their desire to constantly play videos games online and to be quite frank, they aren’t going back to that life.  That addiction.

My main argument for signing up for DSL is cost.  I was paying about $120 a month for Comcast (cable tv and internet) and during our “offline days” my data plan with Verizon TRIPLED in the month that my house was “offline”.

Seriously, I’m ready to find a part time job to pay next month’s cell phone bill.

CenturyLink has a 1 year rate of $37.99 a month which includes a $7.99 rental of their DSL modem and wireless router. I need internet for work, to take classes online and continually strengthen my skillset at www.skillshare.com.

So our tiny 3 bedroom rental is back online. I am justifying this because we still recycle, we keep 4 backyard chickens and we’re now drying laundry on a rack outdoors.  Six of one and half dozen of the other.  And, I am the guy who mows the lawn with an electric mower, terrified that I’ll become a statistic and run over my first cord.

In other Mom news: Today we joined the Wheat Ridge Rec Center (swimming, classes, air conditioning) and became “card carrying” (lol) members of the Wheat Ridge Library and actually checked out books.

Crazy.  I might be growing up.

Boston is joining football, Julie is starting up swimming lessons and London promises to take some kind of lesson at the rec center.  I’ll be floating in the lazy river with Rachel looking all sexy in our bathing suits.  🙂

But really, all I want in life is 4 healthy children and AIR CONDITIONING!


It has been over 2 weeks since I stopped letting technology babysit my family.  2 weeks since the Internet stopped intercepting imagination and 2 weeks since television stopped rotting the brain of my kids.  The first week was rough.  Like, “what the hell did I do, check these kids into rehab” bad. Continue reading “ A life without Internet, TV and Social Media” »