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We are all back to school doing full-day classes. Rachel has settled into 5th Grade, Julie is loving 2nd grade, London can’t wait to go to Kindergarten everyday and Boston is enjoying going to full-day Montessori. Boston has been acting up A LOT so I am trying to find ways to give him 1:1 time and so far I’ve been taking him on morning bike rides before school. This morning we went to the beach because we had a few minutes to spare and looked for shells.

On my walk home from Julie and London’s bus stop I was lamenting to myself that getting all 4 kids ready for full-day school in the morning (NOW) is easier than it was when it was only Rachel who was going to school.  I can only imagine what the neighbors thought while Rachel screamed and cried and yelled and hit us while we got her dressed in the morning and that is pale in comparison to the intense sensory agony she was in while we brushed her hair, her teeth or put socks on her.  I am so grateful for medication and how it has given us intermittent good times with her at home and substantial amounts of good time at school, and with Granny or one on one with someone.

Tomorrow we are running our annual jewelry table for Endless Summer (www.endlesssummerhull.com) with a twist because this year we are seeking runners, walkers, volunteers and business sponsors as we are raising money for Juvenile Batten Disease.  The race planning is going very well and we are getting a lot of buzz around our town through all 3 schools, loads of residents and our customers.  I am very excited about this race, c’mon October 23rd!

We have put Rachel’s name in the hat for the trial and are waiting to hear as to when she can start  I have filled out all of the paperwork, caught her up on vaccinations and have gotten permission from Dr Sims (Rachel’s Neuro at Mass General) to be her local doctor.

Things we have planned?  Outside of the upcoming road race I have two pretty giant things in store for my kids.  A day or so after Christmas we are driving down to florida and renting a house with a pool and will spend our Winter break in the warmth.  🙂

Next summer?  A few days after school lets out I am taking a complete cross country road trip with my cherubs going from Boston to California and back.  We are also planning to drive north for a few days and spend time with James and his family (James is Rachel’s biological father).  I know people have asked me why I would bother doing that as James has been out of her life (by his choice) for many years but really this isn’t about me or about him.  This is about the kids.  I think it will be great for my 4 children to meet their twin sisters.  Technically they are only Rachel’s half sisters but my motto has always been “You can’t have enough people love your kid.”  (Or in my case, kids).  I have a lot of planning to do for that but the details are all on hold until after this road race.

London especially wants to dip his toes in the Pacific ocean, his life’s dream is to live in California and drive a minivan.  I figure a good test drive through Cali could help him to see if this is something he wants to aspire to do or not.  Yeah, he is barely 6 but he talks about it everyday.

Life is too short to waste it waiting for things to happen so you can move forward.  Move forward, move things into place.  Make things happen.  Your life could be over tomorrow.  Live without a lot of regrets.  Live enthusiastically.  IF we only know, truly, how many people in this world, in America, in your own town, maybe even on your street, who are fighting for their lives…  Just thinking about it is very humbling to me.

– With love, Kat.

Can’t believe it is January already. Julie started back to school a few weeks ago and is enjoying her social time, she is pretty overwhelmed with all of the stimulation but loves it overall. London is starting preschool next week in the afternoons and they are all going to Art Class again starting later this week. Rachel was kind of upset about not going but I said she could bring some art supplies to Granny’s house as she’ll be at my Mom’s for her regular Friday night “date.”

Rachel is about 95% blind. The other five includes a spec of vision (literally a spec) out of the corner of at least one eye and she still has “light / dark perception.” She is handling it as well as can be expected. I try to get her to talk about it and how she feels and if she has any questions about her blindness and for the most part she is as happy as can be expected (and then some). She and I are going to the University of Rochester next week for a “check in” to see how she is progressing as they are studying Juvenile Batten Disease. My fingers are crossed that her disease progression is considered slow for her age.

The day after we get back from NY I am driving down the kids to Florida to stay the week in a house I booked months ago with a heated pool in the back porch. One day at Disney (can’t believe how expensive it is) and another day at a petting zoo. Our Make a Wish trip was amazing yet difficult for Rachel (and us) because she wasn’t on the right medication and it was so hot. My brother, nephews and my other brother and his girlfriend (Andrea) are all planning on coming down during the week.

Get out your fine china (I am so not fancy enough to ever own any). Wear your best jewelry (I made Julie wear her new princess earrings today despite her fear she might lose them) and treat this day like its your last on earth. Some days are harder than others but you should try every single day.