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Still pretty easy to follow, enjoying not having the “always hungry” feeling. I had no idea how much sugar is in food and how much the added sugar has been contributing to my hunger. I’m taking the kids 4 wheeling on Sunday (Rachel’s Deathiversary) with Colorado Jeep Girls and I need to plan ahead for lunch. Headed to Anna’s that night and will probably bring vegan chili for tacos. Breakfast was coffee and later on I had celery with peanut butter. This was lunch:

I picked these beauties up from Walmart today. I can’t eat an occasional soy dog without ketchup and I need protein and peanut butter on celery is good for that!

Sleep: 5 hours 54 minutes

Weight: 7 pounds lost

Steps: 17,515

The only thing I will say is now that I’ve gotten past the sugar withdrawal stage is this is pretty easy until you are starving and have to come up with something healthy, quickly. Will power is no joke.

Breakfast was a half of a bagel, made in a real bagel shop and soft cream cheese. A couple of mandarin oranges and 2 cups of coffee.

Lunch was a half of a can of corn (it was leftover from nachos yesterday), corn tortilla chips and plain hummus (Hope brand) with a giant squirt of sriracha.

Cucumber for afternoon snack.

Oh. And youngest got his braces today.

This was him before. He was a bit nervous but I loaded him up with Tylenol before the appointment to take the edge off. ❤️

This is his obligatory embarrasing picture. I gave him $20 to spend at Target after he had them put on so don’t feel too embarrased for him. He sold out. Hahaha.

This is one of those pictures that makes a Mother’s heart swell ridiculously. A snapshot in time. They asked him to empty his pockets for an x-ray and this is what he had on him.

This was dinner:

Sleep: 6 hours 28 minutes

Weight: I didn’t weigh again. I’ll weigh Saturday.

Steps: 18,285

I forgot it was picture day at Homeschool Enrichment and I’m on a budget so I didn’t buy any packages. I took these of the kids, quickly, as we were headed into school. The bottom picture is Rachel from a few years ago while we were waiting for the bus.




Rachel : 2014 or 2015

We’re headed to London in 10 days and my kids have never really been on public transportation.  I took Boston on the RTD Train and Bus so we can practice getting places and timing our arrival time accurately.  I know the London Underground is going to be a whole different ballgame but I figured we better get our feet wet.

Boston agreed to ride the Bus / Train to take a yoga class with me if I agreed to take him to see IT.  Deal done!  Here are the pictures from our day trip.  We ended up having to take an Uber home because we got on the wrong bus after the movie but it was fine, a real learning experience and honestly I really enjoyed his company.  He was tech free and didn’t complain once.

Boston and I headed out. London took the picture in front of our house.

Boston waiting at the bus stop near our house.

Me and Boston, super excited for our little adventure.

Here comes the bus!

On the bus!

Waiting for the train.  It’s a new train called the A Line that goes all the way to Denver International Airport.

Here comes the train!

On the A Line

At Yoga

Leaving yoga, headed to IT the movie

We ran late for the movie and the yoga class even though I left extra time for getting to both.  I learned that you need to plan to arrive 1 hour before you need to be somewhere in order to get somewhere on time. I didn’t take more pics because we ran late to the movie and then were on a mad dash to get the bus home from the theatre.

It was a splendid day with this kid.  

Rachel started 10th grade this week and is having a great time. She has a new teacher named Ms. Nicole and 3 bus drivers and aids! She is doing great and enjoying being back to school and I am having a bit of a break and Rachel having a break from me.

Her walking is quite impossible, watching her fall apart has been killing me.  It’s emotionally hard, physically hard on me and on Rachel but her appetite is great and is enjoying her movies and iCarly.

She is dying to meet Miranda Cosgrove and Jimmy Fallon.  Any suggestions for making this happen would be great!

Rachel Vontungeln 15

I haven’t blogged in forever and I owe myself an apology.  I need this blog.  For posterity’s sake (my memory is shot) and to get my feelings out.  Feelings. I sound like such a bitch.  Feelings. FML.

I texted my landlord in December to see if she had any larger homes for rent and within a few weeks I was starting to move my kids and all of our crap to a new home in Northeast Denver. Continue reading “2016 is here and so are we” »

I put my three younger children into public school for the last 7 weeks of school as I have been taking a “Nursing Assistant” course for Rachel.  Both school and the course ended on the same day and I’m catching up on work.  I need to apply for and pass the state exam, hopefully I will get an appointment quickly. Continue reading “School is out for the summer” »

Rachel, Julie, London and Boston on the dock at Washington Park in Denver Colorado Feeding the Geese and Ducks

This weekend I was determined to get the kids out of the house.  I did some googling and asking around to the very limited number of parents I know in Denver and came up with Washington Park.  I must sound like a newbie because I refuse to call it “WashPark.”  🙂  It was a bit like Boston Common but without the giant buildings surrounding it and there we no “duck boats”. WashPark is situated in the middle of an upscale neighborhood with streets wide enough for me to “bang a u-ey.” I don’t like to push the Rachel and her wheelchair across any street with 3 kids in tow.   Continue reading “Washington Park – We left the house!” »

mary and gina with rachel in downtown denver

My dear friends from Boston came out to visit me.  Gina had been booked to fly out for a month and when I arrived at the airport I found out that she brought Mary as a surprise!   Continue reading “Pictures from Mary & Gina’s Visit” »

I have to say that I was really impressed. I’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of things (events, attractions, freak shows) and the rodeo really blew me away. I’ve seen clips of bull riding in my time but nothing really prepared me with the sheer force that the bull riders are flung back at. No way in HELL I’d let my kids do it. I took a bunch of pictures, wish I had taken some video. Continue reading “2015 National Western Stock Show & Rodeo” »

Jamie and I decided it would be fun to take the kids to the science Museum.  Out of a potential 10, we managed to sneak into the Museum with only 5 kiddos.  It was cool to see exhibits we hadn’t seen before, I really enjoy learning more about the human body and I was totally blown away with the pig lungs!   Continue reading “Denver Science Museum Trip” »

Today we went to the Museum of Nature and Science and we had a great time and we became members there.We saw an camel and T-Rex at the entrance when we became members.  We also first watched a movie called “We Are Aliens” which was cool. And then we looked at the space exhibit and we learned that some places get less sun than others in months and how a star is born then there death.

After that we looked at some Mummies. They had a rich one with lots a amulets and gold , a poor one that had its brains still and livers which were supposed to be removed, and they also had animals which had only some bones and there skull broken or missing. And we saw why they made mummies: because they believed people could come back and have an afterlife.

We also saw a whale exhibit which we got to be in a real life size grey whale heart which is big and we could go in it. There was a board of whales and dolphins and we got to feel some whale bones. Then we got to do some things like make your own whale and try to make sure the dolphin doesn’t get hurt. But the bad news is we lost Boston’s cape 🙁 but we ask the guards to look for it.

Here are some pictures:


Totem Pole

Totem Pole

London, Boston and Julie with the Sarcophagus

London, Boston and Julie with the Sarcophagus




10420192_1518258935105361_6802541836453812378_n (1)Today was science day at are home school thing.  We watched cosmos to we also watched ‘We Are Aliens’. At Denver museum we also went to the Egyptian exhibit. We also went to the whale exzhibit and we went to the animal exhibit. I lost my cape i got PVZ one.  my mom let me get a Lunchable cause i did not eat for hours which is not normal. I usely eat alot .we joined for a year YAY i had so much fun i played with my friend Rory for an hour we played call of duty ghosts. Then he had to leave. That is the end of my blog bye.

hammond candy factory tour

So today, instead of our regular new homeschooling routine, we decided to tour the Hammond Candy Factory.  I am kind of impressed to say that the candy company was started by a high school dropout. Continue reading “Hammond Candy Factory” »

1972 airstream sovereign

We have a big day today. The kids are going to meet the teachers and other students attending their virtual academy tonight. Rachel is going to the Carnation Festival with Megans’s Place and will have a dinner and shower with them before she comes home. While Rachel is having respite from us (lol) we are driving to Boulder and having a BBQ dinner with our extended family in Northern Colorado. Continue reading “The airstream life” »